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Safely Increases Transport Performance – Voith Retarders

Pressure on the commercial transportation industry has been increasing for years, resulting in demand for greater payloads, higher mileage and higher average speeds. This requires a continuous increase in engine performance. Subsequently, service brakes are pushed to their limits, and safety for drivers, vehicles and loads suffers. With Voith Retarders, up to 90 percent of all brake operations can be carried out wear-free and thus environmentally friendly. This is a clear added value in terms of safety and at the same time reduces emissions. In addition, Voith Retarders protect the service brakes, reducing the cost of spare parts and maintenance.

Increase Safety and Reduce Operating Costs

Voith Retarders have an extremely high braking performance, particularly when they are needed most – at high speeds (up to 700 kW / 950 hp). With their high braking torques and low unit weight, they convert huge amounts of energy effectively. And because the Voith Retarders have its own oil supply, the operating medium can be utilized to reach the highest acceptable operating temperature range.

Reliable Endurance Brakes Which Pay Off

Voith Retarders provide clear advantages: they offer virtually wear-free braking and are fully operational even on long descending routes. As a result, they increase both the safety and transport performance of your vehicle – and ultimately your economic efficiency.

In case of long periods of use, friction brakes reach temperatures up to 1 000 °C. As a result, their braking effect falls off rapidly, cracks may occur on the brake disk, and brake linings wear out.

As true endurance brakes, the Voith Retarders offer enormous safety reserves when it really matters: on demanding motorways and in urban areas with stop-and-start traffic.

The engine brake and Voith Retarder complement each other perfectly, because their braking effect adds up. You get optimal braking power at both low and high speeds.

Voith Retarders Offer You Decisive Advantages

As a long-term and close partner of vehicle manufacturers (OEMs), forwarding companies and coach operators, we know where the resources for greater economic efficiency lie: in the reduction of complexity, repairs and material costs. Our retarders fulfill these prerequisites in exemplary fashion, which is why our development partners and customers rely on the performance and durability of our products, along with the expertise and friendliness of our service.

Benefits for the Operator

  • The retarder pays for itself, often in less than two years
  • Voith Retarders are lightweight among continuous braking systems, capitalizing fully on payload capacity
  • Higher and more even average speeds with increased safety reserves
  • The service brake is protected, preserving brake linings by many times longer
  • Active retarder utilization saves fuel and time
  • Improved reliability and punctuality
  • Lower operating costs
  • Increased vehicle availability

Benefits for the Driver

  • Increased safety on descents and during adaptation braking
  • Cold and thus fully operational brakes in an emergency
  • Increased driving comfort
  • Constant driving speed (downhill cruise control)
  • Smooth, continuous braking force

Safety – Hands on or Foot-Operated

Simple, Reliable, Effective – This Is How the Voith Retarders Work

The hydrodynamic retarder has two bladed wheels opposite each other. Via a step-up gear the rotor is connected to the propshaft of the vehicle via the retarder input shaft; the stator is fixed to the retarder housing. In braking mode, oil circulates between the bladed wheels. The oil is accelerated by the rotor and decelerated in the stator. As a result, the rotor is also decelerated, and the vehicle is slowed down. The heat generated by the braking system is quickly and efficiently dissipated via the vehicle cooling system without negative impact on the surrounding components.

Perfect Integration into the Vehicle Brake Management

Today, retarders are integrated into the braking systems of a vehicle via the vehicle electronics. The activation of the retarder occurs automatically via the foot brake pedal or the hand lever on the steering wheel. The v-constant function (downhill cruise control) keeps the vehicle at a constant speed determined by the driver on the descent. Combining the v-constant function of the retarder with the cruise control function is the ideal set-up.

Logical, Flexible and Comprehensive

Based on broad experience, we have developed a retarder program that offers optimal solutions for all known commercial vehicle types. We are the only manufacturer with both inline and offline retarders.

Inline Retarders

Inline retarders are mounted directly to the gearbox and are connected to the vehicle’s transmission.

Voith Retarder 120 E

The Voith Retarder 120 E is an inline oil retarder with its own transmission-independent oil supply. It is ideal for trucks, including car transporters, solo vehicles in distribution traffic, beverage delivery vehicles, large-volume transport vehicles and mobile cranes.

Voith Retarder 123 L/R

The robust and powerful Voith Retarder 123 L/R ensures more safety, efficiency and comfort in bus operation. The retarder has its own transmission-independent oil supply and can be customized for different transmission types.

Offline Retarders

With offline retarders, the speed is increased in relation to the propshaft speed with a step-up gear. Offline retarders are extremely compact and provide enormously high braking outputs even at low driving speeds. As with all Voith Retarders, oil supply is independent from the transmission.

Voith Retarder 115 CT

The Voith 115 CT is a step-up retarder with a high braking torque. It has a self-sufficient oil balance and is integrated into the braking management of the vehicle. In combination with the service brake, it ensures optimal braking performance. At the same time, the retarder increases ride comfort with its v-constant function, maintaining constant “downhill cruise control” without activation of the service brake.

Voith Retarder 115 HV

The Voith Retarder 115 HV is a powerful, step-up retarder with its own transmission-independent oil supply. It is used in Mercedes-Benz commercial trucks Actros and Axor. It is integrated into the Telligent vehicle management system via the VERA retarder control and offers, among other things, the functions of driving speed limitation (limiter) and cruise control.

Voith Retarder 3250

The VR 3250 is a powerful and energy efficient step-up retarder with its own oil supply. It is used in the Volvo FH and FM truck series with Volvo transmissions. In combination with the Renault Optidriver transmission, the VR 3250 comes in Renault Trucks in the T-Range and C & K-Range. In addition, the VR 3250 is also available in UD Quon & Quester Trucks in combination with the Ascot transmission.

Our Service – Part of Your Business

As a Voith customer, you benefit from our many years of experience in the development and manufacture of key components for commercial vehicles.

Whether it is maintenance or repair, fault diagnosis or functional testing of individual components – in the Voith Retarders workshop in Germany and everywhere in the world – our professionals ensure that you stay mobile.

Our service includes maintenance, repair, system updates and spare parts supply. As an OEM, we offer through tested orig- inal parts highest safety, longer life and greater value retention. Thanks to our system competence, we guarantee optimal service from a single source.

Count on our services:

  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Replacement and repair
  • Repair of delivered retarders (all series)
  • Diagnosis and functional testing of individual components
  • Worldwide delivery of original Voith spare parts as well as remanufactured and basic retarders


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