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Golden Dragon

Pure Electric Bus

More Energy Saving, More Stable Structure, More Efficient Battery System

Electric system includes: controller of the whole bus, driving motor & controller, electric power steering & controller, electric air pump & controller.

Battery Charging Solution

Advantages: Easy to use, but the charging station needs comparatively small capital investment.

Disadvantages: Long charging time and the low efficiency of the charging devices and vehicles. The charging station will need a large construction area.

Battery Swapping Solution

Advantages: High utilisation rate of charging (swapping) devices and vehicles, fast charging, continuing operation, longer life span and easier maintenance of the battery.

Disadvantages: Battery charging and swapping center will need a large capital investment.

Hybrid Bus

More Options, Higher Efficiency, More Stable Energy Management

Since 2005, Golden Dragon has been moving ahead to explore new transportation technologies and has started R&D in the hybrid bus. In 2008, Golden Dragon’s hybrid buses were put into operation in Hangzhou, which became the first hybrid bus line in China.

GHS-V Hybrid System

GHS-V Hybrid System optimised by the Golden Dragon R&D department pushes the public transportation to the new stage with its advanced and matured energy management. According to statistics, the plug-in hybrid system which is adopting GHS-V will safe 51% of the energy compared with a traditional bus.

ISG Double Generator Solution

Higher power, higher efficiency, quicker charge.

Planetary clutch: Longer life span, more reliable, less occupied, compact arrangement, optimisation of the coupling driving of generator and engine.

EMT Auto Transmission Solution

Double driving motor: Lithium battery and ultra-capacitor, in parallel, form a double power supply.

EMT transmission: Adding an EMT transmission between the driving motor and engine as a mature structure increases running efficiency and saves energy.

How Can Golden Dragon’s Hybrid Bus Save 51% of Energy?

  • 2% – Air conditioner condensed water atomisation device
  • 2% – Electric power steering technique
  • 2% – Constant temperature control system
  • 15% – Engine intelligent start-stop technique
  • 12% – Braking Energy Recycling Technique
  • 10% – Engine Efficiency Optimization
  • 8% – External power charging technique

Advanced Energy Saving Technologies

  • External Power Charging Technique – This technique adopts the intelligent control technique, which can monitor the charging process and protect the battery.
  • The Parallel-Series Hybrid System – Direct driving motor is used to participate in producing driving energy and recycling braking energy. Furthermore, it can couple with eh engine to guarantee the energy-saving effect.
  • Electric Power Steering Technique – Frequency conversion technique adjusts the output power by changing rotating speed in real time. Compared with traditional power steering. It is more energy-saving.
  • Constant Temperature Control System – Adjusts the speed of the fan automatically to make sure the temperature of the engine and generator are appropriate.
  • Composite Energy Storage Technique – Make full use of the lithium battery and ultra-capacitor, guarantee the battery’s life span and recycle the braking energy as much as possible.
  • Engine Intelligent Start-Stop Technique – The engine will stop or start according to the driving condition. For instance, in the situation such as stopping, moving slowly or gliding, the engine will stop to save energy. The start-stop technique can greatly decease the emission and reduce the noise in congested situation.

7  Key Assemblies of Electric Power System

Electric Power Steering

  • Adjust the generator’s speed in accordance with the on-time work load, making steering more precise.
  • Adopt the long-magnet generator, which is smaller and more efficient.

Driving Motor

  • The driving motor is the permanent magnet synchronous motor, which is more efficient and reliable than traditional asynchronous traction motors.

DC/DC Convertor

  • Provide the 24V DC for low pressure system.
  • Self-adapt system, over current protection, over and under-voltage protection, over temperature protection, high insulating strength,

Electric Air Pump

  • The electric air compressor provides the chassis braking system with air.

VCU Controller for Whole Bus

  • Read and process the date of driving operation and adopt the advanced vehicle control strategy.
  • Monitor the data of temperature, voltage, current, fault in any assembly and guarantee the assemblies’ function.

Electric Air Conditioner

  • Electric air conditioner is a top-amounted frequency conversion air conditioner, with intelligent energy management.

Controller of Driving Motor

  • The controller of driving motor features Dinuclearsignal process and Frequency Conversion control.
  • 35 items of self-protection, IGBT module, Reflex technique and more.

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