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Ultimate Seating Comfort Whatever the Distance

Grammer bus driver seats: designed and built by Professionals with the Professional in mind, allowing the driver to focus on the road conditions and passenger safety. For decades now, Grammer have been at the forefront of innovation and development of the driver’s environment thus enabling you, the driver to work as effectively and efficiently as possible all day, every day. We at GRAMMER are constantly coming up with new innovations as you will see in our range of seats.

Linea® | Tourea®

A Seat with Your Health & Safety in Mind.

No matter whether you are driving in heavy traffic or on the open road, we want to keep you comfortable and alert. With this in mind, we have designed our new Linea/Tourea around the fundamentals of comfort and safety. What does this mean for you, the driver?

Ergonomic Position

Every person is different. Grammer seats are designed for all; automatically adjusting to the driver’s weight and you can set the seat height to your personal preference.

Dual pneumatic lumbar/side support ensures that you sit as comfortably and securely as possible. Thanks to this and other innovations, our Linea and Tourea seats have been awarded the “Ergonomics Approved” certificate through working in collaboration with Ergonomie-Institut München (EIM), Landesgewerbeanstalt Nürnberg (LGA).

Seats for Safe Driving

With the Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), your seat is now able to assist you by discreetly vibrating to warn you should you stray from your lane.

Seats with Intuitive Operation

Grammer Design-For-Use puts all levers and controls intuitively where you would expect them to be.

Tourea® Climate

The TOUREA Climate enables the driver to control the temperature of their environment whilst driving. On hot days, body moisture is removed and the seat remains pleasantly cool due to our active climate system.

On cold days, you can use the seat heating to raise the temperature.

Tourea Climate is also available with the integrated Lane Departure Warning System as an optional extra.


Your perfect partner for the long-haul.

We may not be able to influence the traffic, but we can do just about everything else to ensure that you can do your work as efficiently as possible while you are out on the road. We have fitted our pneumatic suspension system with an innovative shock-absorber and control technology. Pneumatically adjustable lumbar support allows you to tailor the cushion to your individual requirement. In addition, Grammer Design-For-Use puts all levers and controls intuitively where you would expect them to be.

Tourea is also available with the integrated Lane Departure Warning System as an optional extra.


Safety and comfort all day, every day.

No two short journeys are ever alike. However, you can always depend on the Linea High Performance to support you every step of the journey.

Grammer Design-For-Use intuitively puts all the seating adjustments at your fingertips.

The Linea offers complete support with its integrated headrest. The pneumatic seat suspension ensures a smooth ride even when you are travelling over rough roads. The optional turntable allows you easy access and exit from your workplace.

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

Our LDWS ensures that you don’t mistakenly stray from your lane.

All it takes is a momentary lapse of concentration and your vehicle may inadvertently drift out of its lane, potentially causing an accident.

To minimise this risk, the seat will immediately start vibrating to alert you. The motors are concealed within the seat cushion warning you to take immediate action without causing unnecessary distress to your passengers.

Note: If LDWS is retrofitted to an existing seat, it will only work if the vehicle has the necessary sensors.

Latest Grammer News

ETM Award 2020: Grammer Wins the “Best Brand Award”

ETM Award 2020: Grammer Wins the “Best Brand Award”

After 2017 and 2019, Grammer once again ranked first in the Bus Passenger Seats category at the ETM Awards 2020.

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