Hydrodamp – Torsional Vibration Damping

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Torsional Vibration Damping for Modern Commercial Vehicles Hydrodamp

Improve Your Performance with Vibration Dampers from Voith

Designed with maximum fuel efficiency in mind, state-of-the-art high-torque engines place considerably more load on drivetrains than ever before. Through our range of Hydrodamp vibration dampers, you can protect the drivetrains of tractors, construction machines, buses and railway vehicles from overload while increasing the service life of individual components.

Safety and Comfort for Man and Machine

The Hydrodamp is a highly flexible vibration damper with a spring-mass system and a separately arranged hydraulic damping system. The low stiffness of the springs combined with favorable mass ratios shift critical resonances into areas below the operating speed range. Regardless of this, the hydraulic operation principle for vibration damping and isolation is designed to match your vehicle’s operating speed ranges.

Efficiency and Comfort through Damping and Isolation in a Single System

The hydraulic operation principle divides Hydrodamp into a damping system and an isolation system. The Hydrodamp is equipped with a float-mounted and decoupled damping ring, which is arranged between the primary and secondary masses of the damper with a specific amount of play.

In the Operating Range: Vibration Isolation

In order to eliminate vibration or annoying noises when driving, small vibration amplitudes should not be allowed to reach the transmission. As a result, optimal isolation is required. This is where the Hydrodamp’s isolation system comes: Vibration is intercepted and isolated. This guarantees optimal vibration isolation, even in the lower operating speed range.

In Case of Increased Load Amplitudes: Vibration Damping

Increased vibration amplitudes that occur when passing through a resonance stage (e. g. when the engine is switched on and off) or during load surges are significantly absorbed by the Voith Hydrodamp’s hydraulic damping system. With the use of temperature-stable damping oils or greases, the system effectively removes surplus vibration energy, even at higher temperatures.

Vibration Dampers: Damping and Isolation in a Single System

  • No stick-slip phases with tear-away, which means there is no excitation of vibrations as experienced with conventional friction damping.
  • The damping effect can be adjusted to different operating ranges via the torsional angle, gap geometries and the viscosity of the medium.
  • The damping is speed-proportionate, i. e. high frequencies or amplitudes lead to greater damping.
  • Wear-free damping.

Our Hydrodamp Range for Off-Road, Road and Rail Applications

The Hydrodamp ranges have been developed based on a modular principle. The connection to the customer’s own individual drivetrain is achieved by means of solution variants for primary and secondary side, such as SAE centering flanges, hubs and cardan shaft connections. Within the series, by adjusting the characteristic curve and damping characteristics, the Hydrodamp can be precisely adapted to the drivetrain’s requirements.

Benefit from Our Experience and Development Know-How

The Hydrodamp is the result of decades of competence and many years of experience in the field of hydrodynamics. Our long-term international project partnerships with customers and universities along with our highly qualified experts enable us to continue to set new standards in the development of innovative, benefit-oriented products to serve your needs.

Simulation-Based Design Saves Time and Money

Simulations reduce the iteration loops in road tests – this in turn lowers costs and shortens development times. In this process, the spring characteristics, rigidity and mass ratios of the spring-mass system and the hydraulic damping and isolating system are all adapted to each other to meet the customer-specific drivetrain requirements.

Operational Stability Ensures Increased Safety

Fit-for-purpose, reliably stable designs for structural elements that use FEM and lifetime calculations along with rig testing increase and secure customer benefits.

In-Vehicle Measurements in the Development Phase

Making vibration measurements in the relevant driving states during the development phase enables a functionally secured adaptation of the Voith Hydrodamp in your drivetrain.


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