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IPT® Charge Bus Brochure
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IPT Technology

Stay competitive with a safe, sound, simple and sustainable technology.

The Future Is Wireless, We Set the Standard

Think about your daily world – how would that be in the near future if we don’t boost and flexibilize the energy transition that’s taking place?

What would the cost of transport be if there’s nothing more than expensive fastcharging solutions? How would our infrastructure look like if we contaminate our streets with charging stations? And how could we introduce autonomous driving or electrify our supply chains if there is no infrastructure that supports autonomously charging? Next generation wireless charging solutions give an answer to these questions.

Combine megatrends like mobility, zero-emission, sustainability, digitalization and all-electric and one thing will become clear: the world as we know it is rapidly changing. Worldwide people are co-operating to reduce the use of natural resources and make transport cleaner, safer and future-proof. Our product and system solutions seize the opportunities of digitization and use magnetic induction to allow all kinds of transport as well as industrial processes to be powered electrically in a cost-effective way.

Next Generation Charging Technology

Muscles, steam, fossil fuels and electricity. We’ve been powering and charging our transport and industrial processes in many ways. Now it’s time for the next generation: wireless charging. A generation that supports smart grids and connected vehicles and enables vehicle-sharing and autonomously driving. Wireless charging is the logical next step in the energy transition and avoids many troubles that come with other, more traditional solutions. By the Paris Agreement, any city is obliged to lower CO2 towards zero-emission forcing the need of electrification of any mean of innercity transport (e.g. buses, taxis, ferries, delivery vans, cars, garbage trucks). This proven technology eliminates the use of physical connectors and cables and uses wireless charging units with a capacity ranging from only a few milliwatt to hundreds of kilowatts.

Safe, Sound, Simple and Sustainable Technology

Wireless charging is rapidly changing the way we charge our consumer and industrial devices. Take your smartphone or electric toothbrushes – why using cables and connectors if it can be as simple as wireless? Based on the same technology we offer wireless charging systems for a variety of industrial applications and electric vehicles ranging from Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) to buses.


With thousands of vehicles using IPT charging technology since 1996 and with kilometres of continuously charged track supplies integrated into the floor or monorail of worldwide industrial manufacturers and distribution centres the technology is entirely accepted in daily operations.


Making life easier is a key issue when transforming the way we electrify our processes or charge our vehicles. Wireless charging offers a simple way to increase the charging capacity without investing heavily in the grid or charging network. With our wireless charge technology, the need for battery capacity will be massively reduced as will the need for high power grids. Simply charge en-route or during operation.


With a world that that is digitizing the need for sound solutions increases. Wireless charging is a technology that offers the stability and robustness required for industrial processes, continuous operation or reliable transport solutions. Introducing wireless charging is above all, a sound investment in a technology with a low total cost of ownership.


We ‘Make the world a better place to live in’. Wireless charging and electrification are based on sustainable technology. With en-route wireless charging solutions, minimal onboard energy storage is needed and therefore reducing cost and weight per vehicle.

By eliminating the cables to power electric vehicles, mass transit networks can now blend in with their surroundings. City landmarks, parks and cultural sites are left intact, minimizing visual pollution and enhancing the city’s overall charm.

IPT® Charge Bus – For Heavy Duty Wireless Charge

IPT Technology offers a complete portfolio for wireless charging heavy duty vehicles such as buses and trucks.

Stay Competitive with Clean Technology

Public transport is evolving rapidly to remain competitive and become more environmentally friendly. In parallel public transport operators need to maintain the high reliability and availability that is required by the character of their service. And with public authorities getting more and more involved in keeping their cities clean, there is also an ever-increasing demand for clean and silent technologies to power public transport. IPT® Charge Bus puts clean, silent and zero-emission at your fingertips. The technology is used to charge buses of all sizes, full electric as well as hybrid buses.

Reducing Life Cycle-Related Costs with En-Route Wireless Charging

IPT® Charge Bus is a unique system which enables electric buses to operate fully on the principle of en-route charging to extend the range of an electric bus. A minimal onboard energy storage, enough to reach the next charging station plus a small safety margin, becomes practically sufficient to operate a vehicle optimally. The optimal charging scenario depends on the type of bus, size of battery pack and the profile of the route. But common for all scenarios is that IPT®Charge Bus offers entirely new perspectives for the operation and design of electric buses. IPT® Charge Bus reduces battery cost and weight per vehicle and wins space, therefore reducing life cycle-related costs.

IPT® Charge Bus is a wireless power transfer system that allows electrical energy to be supplied to consumers without any electrical or mechanical contact or intervention. Charging can be made possible at virtually any opportunity. The modularity of IPT Charge Bus makes it versatile and suitable for all typical bus sizes. Besides, it allows extremely flexible adaption to operational demands.

Fast En-Route Opportunity Charging

Charging stations are located in the depot, at end stops and en-route at strategically positioned bus stops for wireless recharging while letting passengers on and off. The charging process is seamlessly integrated to allow continuous service, optimum fleet availability and high efficiency.

The Technology behind IPT Wireless Charging Technology

IPT® wireless charge bus is based on high power inductive energy transfer between components integrated into streets and the receiving equipment installed beneath the vehicle. These components communicate with the vehicle to start the contactless charging process automatically as the vehicle simply covers the charging segment on the floor.


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