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Mayser Public Transport Brochure
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Mayser Makes Public Transport Safe.

Keeps the Passenger Safe When Entering and Exiting

The entry and exit area of buses and rail vehicles is a central place of danger in public transport. A safe system for obstacle detection is an important subject – not only for passengers and transport services, but also for manufacturers of vehicles and vehicle doors. The Mayser system which can also be retrofit provides this safety.

The following safety components are used:

  • Safety edges (safety elements)
  • Sensor profiles
  • Non-touch detection system
  • Safety steps
  • Control units

Mayser safety systems provide more than legal standards call for. In terms of product quality, Mayser is leading and first in Europe in the field of drag detection. The high availability of systems makes Mayser an important partner for the safety during entry and exit and leads to reduced cycle times.

Areas of Application

Mayser offers non-touch safety systems and pressure-sensitive sensors for buses and rail vehicles. The sensors stop dangerous movements on automatically controlled doors and provide reliable obstacle detection and bump protection.

The special-purpose sensors we design satisfy even the toughest requirements:

  • Drag-along detection in accordance with EN 14752
  • Detection of lower arms at swing doors
  • Safety steps with extension protection
  • Fireproof models

Mayser Solutions

  • Sensor profiles & rubber profiles with safety elements – The rubber profiles on the doors contain integrated safety elements. Ideally suited for finger protection, the profiles already react to very small objects to stop the closing motion of the door.
  • Non-touch detection system – Sensor profiles that are integrated in the main closing edge react without touch to people in the immediate vicinity of the sensor. They, thereby, protect people from being bumped.
  • Safety steps – Safety steps are pressure-sensitive surface sensors used in ramps and power steps for the entry and exit area of buses and rail vehicles.

Sensor Profiles & Rubber Profiles with Safety Elements

Rubber profiles with safety elements as well as sensor profiles already react to very small objects to stop the closing motion of the door. The movement of the door is stopped before an injury can occur. Responsible for this are sensors that secure the closing edges against pinching hazards. Mayser also offers specially developed fire-resistant sensors.


  • Monitoring of the safety elements according to the closed-circuit current principle
  • Meets all legal requirements
  • Professional competence / Know-how in the industry Broad range of sensors
  • Very flexible for customised-specific adjustments
  • High project competency
  • Directional initialisation

Non-Touch Detection System

This non-touch detection system is a non-touch system on the basis of a capacitive sensor. It prevents passengers from being bumped or knocked over at bus and train doors. If a passenger approaches the active zone of the sensor, then its electrical field changes. This information is evaluated by the control unit and forwarded to the door control. The closing motion is then stopped. The non-touch detection system is a convenience function that is integrated in the Mayser rubber profile.


  • Resistant to water, dust, extraneous light, leaves, snowfall
  • Advantageous effect on the cycle times when compared to light curtains
  • Solution integrated in the door system
  • Non-touch detection directly at the main closing edge
  • Reliably prevents touching and knocking over of passengers
  • Additional convenience function for drag detection

Safety Steps

Mayser safety steps are plane protection devices for the entry and exit area of buses and rail vehicles. The surface sensors form pressure-sensitive surfaces at aids like ramps and power steps.


  • Individually adjusted surface geometry
  • Minimal quantities
  • Complete solution provider
  • Automatic monitoring of the function according to the closed-circuit current principle
  • Maintenance-free
  • Resistant to environmental influences and normal chemical influences

Mayser Supplementary Products


The Captas non-touch sensor operates according to the principle of capacitive sensors. Mayser provides the non-touch technology for the sensor. The sensor constantly encloses a defined electric field during use. If a hand approaches the sensor, this causes the field to change. The system detects this capacitive change and transmits the signal, for example to re-open a door.

The non-touch system is resistant to both disturbances and weather. This allows reliable operation in any weather and it can even be triggered when wearing gloves.
Mayser sensor technology is integrated in diverse custom applications. Typical areas of application are opening of doors or requesting a green signal at traffic lights.


  • Non-touch
  • Hygienic
  • Weather-resistant
  • Can be triggered when wearing gloves
  • Tested, electromagnetic compatibility
  • Electronics can be integrated in different enclosure shapes

Platform Screen Doors

Trains pulling in and passing through the station pose a risk to people waiting on the platform. Platform screen doors are an excellent option to cut these hazards down to a minimum. All Mayser pressure-sensitive protection devices can be incorporated into platform screen doors and protect the passenger in the door area by both pressure-sensitive and non-touch measures.

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