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Sqills S3 Passenger

Public Tranportation Booking, Reservation and Revenue Management Software

Sqills S3 Passenger can be up and running in 3 months enabling you to manage your sales, distribution and revenue management.

Sqills S3 Passenger is the best available sales and distribution system on the market. Thousands of out-of- the-box features allow users to benefit from proven technology, short time-to-market and powerful self- services. It is a fully scalable web based platform that can handle millions of transactions. The system handles multi-segment and multi-stopover passenger transport services, with or without reservation, including sales of additional on-board services and after-sales operations of previously created bookings.

Driving occupancy levels, increasing yield and applying channel economics, Sqills S3 Passenger Revenue Management is the best available tooling on the market. This means no more black boxes but tooling that supports analysis and decision making.

Powerful Multi-Channel Distribution

  • Unlimited sales channels connecting to one Sqills S3 Passenger platform
  • Each sales channel has a wide range of configuratorurable options and authorisations
  • Front-end sales channels can be fully optimized for each implementation
  • Transaction origin (point of sale) is captured within each booking
  • Multilingual system where users can select languages dynamically

Unique Features

  • Wide range of industry-standard functionalities
  • Robust, scalable platform to handle current and future transaction volumes
  • Short implementation time frame
  • Flexible (transaction based) license models
  • COTS core product, agile towards custom made “plug-ins”
  • Integrated setup benefits minimizing external dependencies
  • Configuratorurable to execute chosen distribution strategies and business rules
  • Cost-efficient solution for orientation, sales, reservation, seat allocation, inventory management, revenue management and ticket distribution
  • Powerful self-service functionalities

Main Components of the Sqills S3 Passenger Suite

  • Timetable management, service and route definition – S3 Passenger configurator is the service scheduling component of the platform. It handles everything related to timetables and the definition of the geograph- ical network including routes, stops and connections. Once it has been defined, Services and related Timeta- bles can be individually managed. In addition, creation of exceptions on Stops or Services level, to temporarily overrule the scheduled planning, is possible.
  • Material planning, seat allocation and inventory control – S3 Passenger inventory is the component that handles the definition of the inventory material and relation to scheduled Services. Calculation of the capacity applies automatically to support real time inventory informa- tion. Carriages types and seat properties are defined precisely in order to handle inventory updates or specific material changes and their related bookings. Inventory control on physical and logical levels per origin / desti- nation pair is in place to support fast orientation on remaining capacity and revenue management “booking limit” controls. Finally, the business logic around seat allocations for incoming booking requests is covered by an advanced seat algorithm.
  • Fare and proposition management – S3 Passenger fare is the component for the definition of the market proposition for the scheduled services. Including Products, Tariffs, Discounts and various Pricing mechanisms. A wide range of product types are supported, including “main” products (ticket with seat reservation, ticket without seat reservation, separate seat reservation) and “add-on” products (fees, insur- ances, food & beverages, pets, bicycles, prams, etc.). A detailed set of rules and conditions is available to make a specific set of Tariffs and Products available in various sales channels and portals under different circumstances.
  • Optimise multi-segment passenger transport revenue – Revenue analysts are always fully in control by means of dashboards and real-time access to prices, fare condi- tions and inventory settings. S3 Passenger revenue is the component that is responsible for controlling the logical availability restrictions in the S3 Passenger inventory data tables, by calculating and optimizing which restrictions (also known as “booking limits”) leads to the highest possible revenue given the avail- able market demand. In order to perform this task, S3 Passenger revenue analysis historical demand and forecasts future demand for each departure, analysis the found price elasticity figures in transnational data in order to make the demand forecast price sensitive, and optimizes the required booking limits based on the ongoing progress of a future departure in its sales cycle. S3 Passenger revenue is an optional component in the infrastructure.
  • Fullfillment and Payment – S3 Authorization is a component that acts between the Sqills S3 Passenger back-office and the various Sqills S3 Passenger front-ends, in order to facilitate payments that deal with external providers. Furthermore, S3 Authorization prevents direct S3 Back-office interaction with the outside world and therefore reduces security risks. S3 Authorization simplifies the payment process and supports various processes such as: payment vali- dation before final booking confirmation, store payment information in the booking dossier, after-sales / refund and shopping basket.
  • Communication and After Sales – S3 Passenger comms. The component that handles all, booking related, outgoing communication from the Sqills S3 Passenger platform to customers, passengers and other external users. Template management for e-mails and SMS messages is part of this module, but also the configuratoruration and scheduling of other related outgoing messages from the S3 system.
  • After Sales CRM tools – S3 Passenger CRM is the customer profile management module. S3 Passenger CRM is an optional component in the infrastructure and is used to register end-user and Agent ‘personal’ profiles, preferences and booking behaviour. It enables operators to execute campaigns based on the stored data and users to access pages like “My Transport Company” within the booking engine web channel to sign up/in, manage their profiles, view and modify bookings, retrieve personalized content etc
  • Ticket distribution and management – S3 Passenger ticket is the transactional heart of the system containing customer data, PNR’s and related reference information. Functionality for digital ticket fulfilment in PDF home print format with UIC 918.3 2D barcodes is included. It also offers all the booking flow logic and after-sales conditional logic including allowing / refusing of modifications like rebooking, cancellation, modification, passenger name change and calculation of appropriate after-sales fees. Provisional booking logic for customers is included, which means that booking requests include “expiry time” limits to secure seat availability during the booking confirmation. An auto- matic cancellation and clean-up process applies for non confirmed bookings.


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Exceeding the Passenger Self-Service Expectation

Exceeding the Passenger Self-Service Expectation

Together with its S3 Passenger customers Sqills delivers the best-available, inventory, reservation and ticketing solution in the world.

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