Introducing Jane, Passengera’s Innovative AI Travel Assistant at the Busworld Exhibition 2019

One of the most renowned global tech events in the bus and coach industry is going to be hosted in Brussels, from the 18th until the 23rd of October 2019. Busworld Exhibition 2019 is currently the oldest and most famous bus and coach exhibition, with almost 50 years of history. At Passengera, we are proud to be shortlisted, out of 56 applicants, to present our latest innovative product and compete for the Innovation Label Non-Vehicles 2019 at the Busworld 2019.

Concrete statistics from Gartner, highlight that Artificial Intelligence will amount to 85% of the customer relationship by 2020. These significant numbers develop additional needs for the travel industry to meet through a pure digital transformation of the industry itself.

We acknowledge that fully satisfy customer care may be the biggest challenge for the transportation industry. Therefore, we have developed an AI-powered solution to help operators in pursuit of excellence in terms of customer care.

At the Busworld 2019, we will be introducing Jane, our AI travel assistant developed to reach the next milestone in customer care.

As a new type of digital communicator, Jane will be available as a friend on Facebook Messenger as well as other communication apps, and through the onboard infotainment portal.

She has been designed to bring the travel experience to a completely new level, seamlessly supporting over several phases of the customers’ journey, from ticket purchasing to sharing their travel experiences with others. Moreover, Jane can provide additional services to the passenger onboard such as meal selection, real-time information about next stations, delays on the next passengers’ connections, weather forecasting, a selection of specific based-location points of interest as well as touristic tips.  Additionally, she provides 360-degree customer care while reducing operating costs and saving time.

Jane ai travel assistant
Jane will be intoduced at Busworld 2019.

Jane, our innovative digital travel assistant, makes the most of artificial intelligence through self-learning and natural language processing. It can be a customer-specific product, which means that it can be customized based on the business needs to meet specific requirements and be compliant, for example in terms of color palette or naming.

Unlike many other simple chatbots, Jane does not only use online databases to provide answers to passengers‘ requests, but she also provides recommendations and personalized offers from within the onboard infotainment platform.

Jane learns from the passengers providing tailor-made suggestions based on customers’ behavior. She can collect data on passengers’ preferences suggesting related contents and additional information.

How Does Jane Bring Added Value to Onboard Staff?

An attentive and fully responsive customer service care can be costly for transport operators. Jane can drastically cut this cost by decreasing needs for human customer care as she can answer the most frequent questions, inform about safety measures, help in emergencies by analyzing the core problem before reaching out to human support or – if needed – connect the passenger with a live human operator.

Jane gets in touch with passengers before their journey to provide full support over their upcoming trip. Our AI travel assistant is fully capable to offer 24/7 support to the customers.

A few days prior to the journey, she reminds the passengers about the approaching date of departure, she can navigate people to the correct platform, and offer additional services such as seat reservation, meal order, helps to find an accommodation, collects special requirements and much more. Jane stays in touch with the passengers after their journey is ended, for example by collecting feedback or offering discounts for future rides.

Jane also plays a role in optimizing businesses’ monetization strategies through cost-saving and additional sources of revenues. In fact, at the end of the journey, she can create a selection of based-location service providers (selected from businesses’ sponsors, affiliates or partners) and suggest their specific services to the passengers such as car rentals, hotels, restaurants and more. This feature can potentially increase businesses ‘revenues and help passengers save money.

Unlike other chatbots available on the market, Jane is a smart, complex onboard digital assistant enabling transport providers to open a new communication channel with passengers as well as new business opportunities. She helps reduce the cost of customer care, promote services and build relationships with passengers.

Today, passengers require more from their providers. They expect to receive high-quality services, they want to be able to find the information they are looking for online quickly and easily. When the business can provide what the customers need, it builds trust and stronger relationships.

Our innovative onboard digital assistant offers what your business needs to increase customer retention.

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