If you’re looking to get set up as a new Class 7 MOT testing centre, you already know it’s a serious business.

There’s all sorts of red tape and government regulations to follow — which is why we’ve talked before about the steps you need to take to stay compliant and see success with your application.

An image of a vehicle on a Totalkare Vehicle Lift

But a huge part of getting it right comes from the equipment you choose — the MOT-ready and DVSA-approved gear that’s essential for every new test centre.

Here are the 7 bits of kit that every Class 7 MOT bay needs:

1. The Right Vehicle Lift

No matter what kind of MOT you’re carrying out, you’ll need a reliable way to access the underside of your vehicles.

And in most cases, that means either a vehicle lift or an inspection pit (or sometimes both).

For a Class 7 MOT bay, you’re looking at vehicles with a weight between 3,000kg and 3,500kg — which means you’ll need a lift with a capacity to match.

That’s why we usually recommend our Light Commercial Four Post Lift for anyone who’s starting up a Class 7 MOT bay.

More specifically, we recommend a model with a lifting capacity of 6,500kg and a platform length of 6 metres, to give you a lift that can handle the widest range of weights and lengths — and ensure you’re getting the most value out of your investment.

2. A Vehicle Inspection Pit

Depending on the layout of your workshop and the throughput you need, you could instead opt for a vehicle inspection pit in place of a vehicle lift.

(There’s also nothing to stop you from using both a pit and a lift for different scenarios — or simply to give your throughput a boost.)

Compared to a vehicle lift, an inspection pit is usually a bigger commitment. But it also comes with a wider range of options to give you everything your Class 7 MOT bay needs — all in one convenient workstation.

Our Class 7 Vehicle Inspection Pits come with a standard length of 6 metres to fit almost every Class 7 vehicle, with options for integrated Brake Testers, Play Detectors, and Jacking Beams — as well as options for customised installations that include underground workshops.

3. Brake Testers

Brake testing is one of the most important parts of any kind of MOT — and a Class 7 MOT is no different. So if you’re setting up shop, you’ll need the right brake tester to match the vehicles you’re servicing.

And our Class 7 In-Ground Brake Tester is built specifically for that purpose:

With a maximum axle load of 6,000kg and a roller length of 990mm, you’ll be able to carry out tests on almost every type of Class 7 vehicle.

And the best part?

You can install them directly onto your vehicle lift or your inspection pit — giving you an integrated single workstation that helps you cut down on wasted time and improve your efficiency and throughput.

4. Jacking Beams

Inspection pits and four-post lifts are great for getting access to the chassis. But because you’re supporting the vehicle by its wheels, it’s impossible to work directly on the wheels and their related systems.

But with a jacking beam attached to your pit or your lift, that problem gets solved immediately:

By raising the vehicle up from the lift or pit (using an attachment at the chassis rather than the wheels), you’re able to get full access to the wheels and suspension — without lowering the vehicle or repositioning it.

Our Class 7 Jacking Beam comes with a 260mm lift with proven hydraulics — giving you all the extra clearance you need to work directly on the wheels while the vehicle’s on the lift or pit.

5. Play Detectors

Along with testing the brakes, every Class 7 MOT bay needs a reliable way to test for wear and tear in the suspension. And an integrated play detector is exactly the way to do it.

Just like with a jacking beam, our Totalkare Play Detectors can be installed directly onto your vehicle lift or pit, with separate controls fitted to either the lift post or floor-mounted along with the pit — which means you can test the wheels and suspension from a single vehicle position while the vehicle is raised or parked over the pit.

6. Headlamp Testers

Headlamp testing is a precise process, with specific requirements around the flat surfaces you need to set up.

So to help make this tricky process as easy as possible, you need an easy-to-use headlamp tester for your Class 7 MOT bay.

Our Class 7 Headlamp Testers come with laser alignment and automatic adjustment, using photodiode technology to help you get the exact positioning you need for accurate results — and to help your technicians reduce their chances of making an error.

7. Emissions Testers

The final piece of your Class 7 MOT bay is an important one — not just in terms of passing the test, but in helping your vehicles to hit the Euro 6 emissions standards and reduce your impact on the environment.

Our Class 7 Petrol & Diesel Emissions Testers come accredited to the latest Euro 6 standards, and are approved for MOT use by the DVSA.

With a convenient cable-free and mobile design, you can fit an emissions tester into almost any MOT bay layout and equipment setup — and you can even use them outdoors in all weather, with a rating that makes them fit for use in temperatures as low as –15°C.

Need Help Getting Started?

If you’re planning to launch a new Class 7 MOT bay, choosing the right equipment is only half the battle.

We’ve worked with countless commercial vehicle workshops to help them get started and get set up with their Class 7 MOTS, from conducting site surveys and preparing site drawings, to training your staff and helping you keep up with your maintenance and repairs — long after the initial installation of your bay.

So if you’re looking for help with setting up a new service, talk to one of our experts to find out more — or take a look through our full range of Class 7 MOT equipment to find out exactly what your workshop needs.

This article was originally published by Totalkare Ltd.


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