130 Yutong Buses to Be Shipped to Mexico

130 Yutong Buses to Be Shipped to Mexico

Recently, 130 double source trolleybuses exported to Mexico have started their shipment, including eighty 12-meter double source trolleybuses and fifty 18-meter double source trolleybuses. This order is the largest batch of double source trolleybuses in the world in recent years, and also the first batch of 18-meter double source trolleybuses exported overseas in China bus industry, creating a new era in global double source trolleybus market.

mexico buses yutong
All the buses will be put into operation in its capital Mexico City.

It is understood that the 12-meter and 18-meter double source trolleybuses will arrive in Mexico in July and October this year respectively. All the buses will be put into operation in its capital Mexico City. The buses in operation will greatly improve daily travel of Mexican citizens, and effectively reduce environmental pollution, which will set a benchmark for global electric travel, leading the global green travel.

From the First to the Largest Batch, Yutong Leads Green Travel in Mexico with Strength

Mexico City, the second largest city in the world, with a population of about 22 million, is the most populous metropolitan area in the Americas. In recent years, as local economy grows and urbanization accelerates, urban air pollution and traffic jam problems are becoming increasingly serious. In order to alleviate these problems, Mexico City vigorously develops BRT lines and promotes green travel.

In 2019, the first Yutong double source trolleybus arrived in Mexico City, stepping the first pace of green transportation reform in Mexico. At present, sixty-three Yutong 12-meter double source trolleybus have been operated in Mexico City over five months. The high product quality and Yutong perfect after-sales service have been highly appreciated by the local government, customers and citizens.

mexico buses yutong
63 Yutong 12-meter double source trolleybus have already been operated in Mexico City for five months

It is worth mentioning that, more than 50% of other buses in Mexico City were temporarily suspended due to the impact of the pandemic, but all sixty-three Yutong double source trolleybuses were in normal operation thanks to their environmental friendliness and comfort. The overall operation was stable and punctuality rate was up to 100%.

An electric vehicle operation director in Mexico City, said:

“After the Yutong double source trolleybuses came into operation, line capacity has increased from 66,000 to 100,000 ridership at average daily, while overall line running time has been shortened by 40%.” Citizens of Mexico City said: “Yutong double source trolleybus is stable, comfortable and quiet. It is a very comfortable choice, especially for the elderly.”

Excellent product quality verification and good market reputation laid a solid foundation for Yutong to win the world’s largest order of double source trolleybus. Moreover, with this batch of 130 Yutong double source trolleybuses are put into operation, antiquated bus status of Mexico Trolleybus will be refreshed, social problems such as local air pollution and traffic jam will be relieved with its green and environmental protection, high capacity and high efficiency. Also, Mexico is the first country to import 18-meter double source trolleybus which is the world’s largest batch purchase. This sets a benchmark for double source trolleybus promotion in Latin America and even the world, so as to further promote the global electric green travel.

Leading with Technology, Yutong Continues Boosting Better Travel in the World

Mexico City Mayor, Claudia Sheimbaum, revealed:

“Mexico City will continue to purchase about five hundred double source trolleybuses over the next five years.”

And Yutong Bus continues meeting transport demand in Mexico with high-quality products.

It is understood that, this batch of Yutong double source trolleybuses adopt dual-powered system composed of “power battery + power grid” It not only can fully use efficient charging and discharging characteristics of the power battery to reduce vehicle power consumption, but also achieve more energy-saving effect through the braking energy recovery and energy management. Tests show that, Yutong double source trolleybus can save more than 30% in fuel costs compared to fuel-powered bus with same body length.

yutong mexico buses
A Yutong double source trolleybus can save more than 30% in fuel costs compared to a fuel-powered bus with same body length.

In terms of safety, Yutong double source trolleybus adopts an isolated DCDC system, which provides secondary insulation for the entire vehicle, making it safer than similar products. In addition, in order to fully adapt to local road conditions and the climbing requirements of viaducts in Mexico, battery and motor of Yutong double source trolleybus meet the requirements of EU certification standards. Furthermore, high-power drive motor is used to improve the power performance and climbing capability.

In fact, the “Development and Industrialization of Dual Source Quick Charging of Yutong Full Electric Bus” project has been included in 2015 National Science and Technology Support Program. It represents not only the development direction of double source trolleybus in China, and also the world’s leading technical level of new energy bus.

Not only in Mexico, but also in Latin America and the world, Yutong holds a high market share by virtue of its excellent product quality and precise market strategy of “one country, one policy”. Customs data shows that, by the end of April 2020, over 23,000 Yutong buses are exported to the Americas market in total, accounting for more than 53% in China export volume of large and medium-sized buses, becoming the No.1 China bus brand in Latin America.

yutong mexico buses
By the end of April 2020, over 23,000 Yutong buses will have been exported to the American market in total, making Yutong the No.1 Chinese bus brand in Latin America.

In overseas markets, as of April 2020, Yutong has exported a total of 73,000 buses, and its sales and service network has covered major overseas markets such as Europe, CIS, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and other major overseas markets., The products have been exported to dozens of countries and regions including Britain, France, Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Colombia, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan China. Yutong is boosting better global travel with leading technology and products.

In the future, Yutong Bus will continue taking product and technology as the foundation, and continuously strengthen its overseas market strategy and service network construction. Yutong will continue deepening the “China imprint” with quality and strength and contribute to global better travel with Chinese products, Chinese wisdom and Chinese solutions.


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