How to Enhance Travel Experiences with Content on Screens

How to Enhance Travel Experiences with Multimedia-Rich and Dynamic Content on Screens

Passengers’ expectations are evolving so that their transportation needs line up with the comforts they experience in their home. Technology became a relevant presence for any modern transportation provider.

Nowadays, almost any bus and coach have mounted screens on board to provide important information and updates to passengers. However, it may happen that the fixed screens are not in use and this represents a waste of powerful opportunities. Our passenger information system can turn the screens into a new advanced communication channel with passengers.

Customers require transport services to be timely, reliable, and comfortable, with modern technologies to watch their journey on board. Efficiency is a key player to convert weak communication into a strong and trustworthy relationship.

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Optimise your passenger’s journey and enhance your experience with our PIS

A car driver has a continuous sensation of control over the vehicle, but this may not be the case for passengers who must rely on the transport operator and, most of the time, do not know what is going on if they get stuck. Providing continuous and real-time information on mounted screens to passengers may help them feel more in control of their journey. This is a necessity to build stronger trust and ensure the customers become loyal and decide to return.

How to Convey an Effective Sense of Control and Trust to Passengers?

At Passengera, we recognize that smart use of modern technology is key to inspire a sense of control and build trustworthy relationships.

Therefore, our Passenger Information System is designed to display essential real-time information about the journey to help optimize the travel experiences. On a simple mounted screen onboard, passengers can view the current location on the map, location-based point of interests, info about the next station, as well as details on all the available connections.

What makes our PIS unique is its powerful features that guarantee control and seamless experience to both passengers and transport operators.

How Does Our Pis Help Transport Operators Achieve Their Goals?

Adoptability, automatability, reliability, and maintainability are only a few number of characteristics our PIS can offer to our clients.

Let’s see what our PIS can do for transport operators:

  • Display advertising and multimedia content: promote business, products, sponsors, partners at any time during the journey
  • Promote Wifi connection: display information with wifi name or portal address
  • CMS: content managed by the same CMS as Infotainment content
  • Content controlled by onboard Infotainment platform
  • Content organized by playlists: create custom playlists with content for specific vehicles, routes, GPS position, time
  • Integration with fixed screen: support IP based screen and analog screen with HDMI and VGA input

Our goal is to provide transport operators with a flexible and reliable system to support their tasks. We have developed a customizable and innovative PIS that takes advantage of Passengera modular infotainment platform and allows transport operators to control any type of content before sharing with their passengers.

Can Transport Operators Easily Manage Their Content?

Yes, our system grants full content management through the same CMS (Content Management System) as infotainment content, ensuring a user-friendly platform that simplifies any transport operator’s life.

Our module has been designed to offer a powerful tool to build and increase brand awareness as well as guarantee an additional source of income through advertisement.

How to maximize advertisements with our PIS:

  • Contextual based advertising on GPS, time, train, and connection
  • Synchronized campaigns on screens and users devices
  • Sections sponsorships
  • Integration with 3rd party advertising networks
  • Building brand awareness
  • Additional sources of income

The easily controlled and managed content is then displayed on screens as dynamic multimedia-rich information. All content and advertisements can then be organized in playlists and shared with pre-set groups of passengers with regards to their personal preferences.

Our PIS is designed to support an unlimited number of screens and guarantee uninterrupted services to all types of apparatus. Additionally, our module allows possible integration with existing screens to ensure easy customization while meeting our clients’ requirements.

Improving passengers’ experience is an essential step to building trust and long-term relationships. Transport operators deserve solutions tailor-made to meet their needs. At Passengera, we have dedicated our work to all those operators who have decided to move on to the next level.

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