If you’re running a workshop that services vehicles, you need a dedicated space that’s suitable for wet work.

And if you want to get the most out of your investment in a wash bay, you need the right bits of kit to go along with it — dependable and reliable equipment that’s built to withstand the rigours of washing and water.

A fire engine in an outdoor wash bay
Whether you’re running a workshop or servicing your own fleet, keeping your vehicles clean is a top priority

Here’s what you need to know about our washbay-ready workshop equipment:

Mobile Vehicle Wash

Whether you’re washing a single vehicle or cycling through your entire fleet, there’s a limit to your efficiency if you’re only washing by hand.

Manual washing takes more time, more water, and more cleaning chemicals — and all of that adds up to a serious extra cost.

But with a specialised piece of kit, you can get the same thorough cleaning of your commercial vehicles with a 75% saving in time and resources.

Our Totalkare Mobile Vehicle Wash is modelled after the same spinning columns you’ll find in an automated car wash, but with a compact design and feather-touch steering that makes it easy for your operators to get it exactly where it needs to be — including being used in an outdoor wash bay.

It’s so efficient that a single technician can clean a 53-foot trailer or a full-size coach in an average of just 7 minutes — which means an incredible level of efficiency and throughput, and a huge boost to the number of vehicles you can wash per hour.

Galvanised Y-MECH

If you’re serious about keeping your fleet in top condition, you’ll know that the undersides of your vehicles need just as much cleaning as the top parts — to help you prevent rust and other types of damage to the axles, brake lines, exhaust systems, and transmission.

And for a heavy-duty commercial vehicle that spends its whole life on the road, undercarriage cleaning becomes more important than ever.

That’s why every professional wash bay needs a vehicle lift that’s made for wet conditions — like the galvanised version of our classic Heavy Duty Y-MECH Lift, with an IP Rating of IP67 on the lift electronics.

It’s an ideal lift for heavier vehicles in a wash bay, with a maximum capacity of 35,000kg and a platform length of up to 13 metres. And with options for a recessed installation that gives you a flush fit to the floor, you can make it as easy and safe as possible to drive your vehicle into position in the wettest of conditions.

Galvanised Four Post Lift

The Y-MECH is a fantastic choice for the vast majority of heavy vehicles in a wash bay. But if you’re washing some of the longest vehicles around, you’ll need an extra-long lift to match.

The galvanised version of our Heavy Duty Four Post Lift comes with the same maximum lifting capacity of 35,000kg — but with a maximum platform length of up to 18 metres.

That makes it the perfect choice for any workshop wash bay that needs to clean longer vehicles, including articulated HGVs, and buses with more than 2 axles.

Washbay Mobile Column Lift

Fixed-installation lifts are great for consistency. But if you’re running a workshop that prioritises flexibility (or you’re only investing in one lift for your whole workshop), nothing beats the versatility of our G8AC Washbay Mobile Column Lift.

Just like the washbay-ready options for the Y-MECH and Four Post Lift, the G8AC comes fully galvanised and ready for wet work.

And just like a recessed installation of a fixed lift, you can get the most possible floor space out of your wash bay when it’s not in use.

But where the G8AC really shines is in its mobility:

You can use our Washbay Mobile Column Lifts in a dedicated wash bay, or move them to a dry area of your workshop for regular lifting. You can move them outside and do your lifting in an outdoor space like a courtyard or car park — and when you’ve finished lifting, you can put them into storage and free up even more space on your workshop floor.

So if you’re only buying a single lift for your entire workshop — and you need one that works in every situation, wash bay or otherwise — the G8AC could be the wisest investment your workshop makes.

Need Some Advice on Washbay Equipment?

Whether you’re running a workshop or servicing your own fleet, keeping your vehicles clean is a top priority.

And if you’re serious about wash bays, you need to get serious about the equipment you use in them.

So if you’re looking for reliable gear that’s built to withstand the wettest conditions, take a look at our washbay-ready workshop equipment in our online shop — or chat with a Totalkare expert to find out which bits of kit would be the best fit.

This article was originally published by Totalkare Ltd.


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