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Bus Fleet Electrification

Hitachi ZeroCarbon is a technology company on a mission to accelerate the global transition to zero carbon today, in order to pioneer the world of tomorrow. We simplify the whole decarbonisation process so you can focus on delivering for your customers. Through a long-term partnership, we develop your EV transition strategy, charge your fleet, finance and extend the life of your batteries and decarbonise your entire depot. This allows you to generate, and take advantage of new revenue opportunities.

ZeroCarbon Charge

We ensure your fleet is ready and charged every day by optimising charging to balance your priorities: cost management, risk reduction and operational continuity.

  • Maximised use of available power: Load balancing capabilities to ensure you charge all vehicles safely, maximise use of available capacity, and get more chargers and vehicles into your depots without infrastructure upgrades.
  • Real-time alerts: Ensure reliable fleet charging by getting direct alerts when issues are identified, or charging is sub-optimal.
  • Smart charging to reduce costs: Reduce your electricity bills by shifting charging away from peak price periods.
  • Centralised view of fleet and site operations: Gain a comprehensive view of all your fleet charging activities and site infrastructure in one place.
  • Integration with onsite renewables: Seamlessly integrate and maximise usage of onsite renewable generation.
  • 24/7 managed services: On-hand support at all times to minimise any downtime.
  • Optimised charging based on vehicle need: Ensure all vehicles are optimally charged to meet operations by considering expected range, vehicle state of charge and fleet schedule.
  • Generate new revenue streams: Participate in energy flexibility markets or utilise your charging infrastructure by offering charging services to unlock new revenues.

ZeroCarbon Battery

The battery is the most valuable component of an electric bus. Protecting it is vital to effectively manage your electric fleet. ZeroCarbon Battery monitors usage patterns and battery health to empower fleet operators to prevent degradation, enhance performance and extend battery life.

  • Live battery analytics dashboard. Gain a fleet-wide overview of all battery assets and their individual condition.
  • Comprehensive battery dataset. Validate warranty claims, avoid out-of-warranty breaches, and secure residual value with certification of battery condition.
  • Proactive safety alerts. Identify, diagnose, and mitigate battery risks to prevent failure and operational disruption.
  • Smart battery management recommendations. Enhance battery performance and longevity to minimise replacement and maintenance costs.
  • Annual asset health and forecasting reports. Understand how to improve battery management and replacement planning based on current and predictive data analytics.
  • Intuitive data visualisation. Understand factors impacting immediate and long-term battery health, without requiring any technical expertise.
  • Charge management integration. Optimise your electric fleet by integrating battery insights with charge and fleet management systems seamlessly.
  • Battery financing. Reduce the upfront capital investment required for EVs by exploring our battery-as-a-service financing models.

An Integrated Battery Charging and Management Service

By taking a holistic approach to the entire EV ecosystem, our combined battery and charging management service delivers maximum value to fleet operators.

  • Sophisticated smart charging to ensure operational continuity.
  • Battery asset optimisation to reduce maintenance and replacement costs and extend the life of your battery.
  • Robust support and service management so you can focus on delivering for your customers.
  • Advanced business insights and analytics to inform decision making as you transition your fleet to zero carbon.

By using data from both the battery asset and charge point, we enable you to optimise charging operations, generate new revenues, protect battery health and enhance battery life all in one solution.


We support large-scale funding of decarbonisation programmes, ranging from providing our partners with access low-cost finance, to co-invested equity and debt-based finance. By providing access to finance at a low cost, this enables you to accelerate your sustainability programmes and generate revenue from the residual value of your assets with minimal upfront investment.

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Hitachi ZeroCarbon News

Hitachi and FirstGroup Accelerate the UK’s Push to Electric Mobility

Hitachi and FirstGroup Accelerate the UK’s Push to Electric Mobil...

Hitachi and FirstGroup will purchase up to 1,000 electric bus batteries through a new joint venture for FirstGroup’s First Bus division.

Optimizing Your Zero Carbon Fleet Transition

Optimizing Your Zero Carbon Fleet Transition

Join Hitachi ZeroCarbon's webinar on 29 June to learn how to overcome electrification challenges using a fleet transition strategy.

How Batteries Can Super-Charge the Transition to Net Zero

How Batteries Can Super-Charge the Transition to Net Zero

Hitachi ZeroCarbon believes that in order for society to meet net zero, we need to accelerate the usage of electric vehicles.

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Lower CO2 emissions to limit global warming and climate change. Concept with manager hand turning knob to reduce levels of CO2. New technology to decarbonize industry, energy and transport

Hitachi’s goal is to help drive net zero fleet operations

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