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Fibre-Reinforced Composites

We are technological specialists in the processing of fibre-reinforced composites using RTM-technology.

Light-weight constructions, flexible designs, top quality surfaces, serial production – thanks to extensive competence in plastics, we have ingenious solutions for you from the initial draft right up to the final product ready for installation.

RTM Technology – Experience and Innovation

Rhein Composites has been a successful pioneer in RTM technology for more than 20 years. We recognised the potential of this technology (RTM) for the manufacture of composite components at a very early stage and focused exclusively on this process.

  • We develop and produce complete, self-contained system solutions / modules, design the associated tools and equipment and maintain a comprehensive after-sales service.
  • We ensure that we can meet the most qualified customers’ requirements with our global network of suppliers and partners.
  • As a partner of the automotive industry, we carry out work for major OEM’s and meet their quality standards.

Focus on Vehicle Doors

One of our priorities is the development of complete vehicle doors for special vehicles. Using sophisticated solutions, RC has developed manufacturing concepts for vehicle doors that are specifically geared to the needs of production runs up to 10,000 units.

No other company in the industry is represented in so many vehicles with RTM lightweight doors. We are a leader in the development and production of complete door systems using RTM technology in CFRP / GFRP composite materials. The sophisticated RC-lightweight solutions
bring both safety and weight savings to special vehicle production, together with comfort, innovation and perfection.

Because the manufacturing sector using RTM technology is very dynamic, we continue to develop our expertise still further. Our aim is to remain receptive to learning in order to get better and to bring our strengths to bear in the future.

Series Production

The production process uses the resin injection method, with the term RTM standing for “resin transfer moulding”.

We only process high quality polyester and epoxy resin systems with carbon, glass or aramid reinforcing fibres. Depending on the selection and combination of these materials, the properties of the component can be precisely adjusted to the wishes and requirements of our customers. RC has several RTM installations and press lines for series production.

RTM technology is the preferred option for the production of components, that must meet the highest demands in terms of strength, stiffness, weight and surface quality. Thus, we are able achieve cycle times and reproducible qualities that open up the route to higher runs of up to 10,000 units per year.

Doors / Door Systems

For several years RheinComposite has been a market leader in the manufacturing of doors for commercial and special-purpose vehicles and as a system supplier the company supplies lots of up to 10,000 per annum.

Light-weight construction – Weight optimisation – high surface quality – flexible designs – for every door module there are special requirements that need to be met in an optimal manner.

Thanks to our extensive competence in plastics, we have ingenious solutions and production concepts that are designed specifically to meet the needs of niche vehicles manufactured in small numbers.

Innovative Light-Weight Construction

We produce complete and ready to install RTM-composite doors of the highest quality standards within the economic conditions of small and special production series.

In the manufacturing of special-purpose vehicles, the highly demanding light-weight solutions ensure safety and weight saving in addition to innovative design and high level of operating convenience.

High quality design, electrical locking system with EMC testing.

CFRP Components

We are aware that the stringent tolerances in bodywork components are a requirement for the function and compliance of the gap dimensions. This can often be achieved only with high quality material systems based on carbon fibres (CF) with matrix systems conforming to the requirements and the RTM-processing technology.

For renowned OEM’s we produce CRP structural components for advance development and preliminary production runs.

CFRP-Light-Weight Wheels From Rhein Composite

Light-weight wheels for vehicles can contribute substantially towards reducing the consumption of fuel and increasing the driving dynamics and driving comfort. The challenging task is to implement the production of fibre-reinforced wheels with a production technology suitable for serial production. The RTM-Technology together with the high performance fibre-reinforced composites (FRP) is the first to show promising approaches.

Using our process technology these precision components with low weight and maximum stability are produced on small-scale from an economic standpoint.


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Rhein Composite Images

Rhein Composite Step Door

High quality design, electrical locking system

Rhein Composite Side

High surface quality with flexible design

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