Rotarex Firetec Launches the Firedetec® R107 Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System for a Complete Protection of Vehicles

The FireDETEC® R107 Dry Chemical System is a comprehensive fire protection solution that uses a fluorine free powder as an extinguishing agent. It is certified according to UNECE R107 standard and protects engine compartments for passenger transportation vehicles of category M2 or M3, such as coaches buses including Class 1 (for standing passengers), Class 2 (urban buses) and Class 3 (for seated passengers).

Fire Suppression System

Fire can cause extremely costly damages as well as severe injuries.  Consequently, it is imperative for businesses to take precautionary actions to mitigate the risk associated with fire incidences, starting from detecting possible outbreaks as fast as possible.

Simple, Cost-Effective Yet Highly Efficient

The simplicity of the FireDETEC® R107 Dry Chemical System, due to its straightforward bill of material and quick installation time, makes it particularly attractive in terms of price without reducing its effectiveness. The fluorine free dry chemical powder has an extremely strong fire extinguishing performance, does not need special storage or handling requirements and is generally safe for humans and the environment.

Easy Installation and Quick Detection

The Dry Chemical System is versatile in terms of its application using a proprietary continuous linear pneumatic detection tube installed directly inside the vehicle engine compartment, close to the potential points of fire outbreak. It can be installed quickly and easily thanks to its flexible discharge hoses. Fully autonomous, no power supply is required to activate the system. It features an indirect low-pressure valve technology. The detection tube bursts under the high temperature of the fire and triggers the release of the dry chemical powder.

A Few Seconds Discharge of 4 KG or 6 KG Dry Chemical Agent

The FireDETEC® R107 Dry Chemical System is pressurized at 25 bar ensuring a quick and effective fire suppression in just a few seconds, before it escalates and causes severe damages. Rotarex Firetec offers two sizes of cylinders filled with 4 kg and 6 kg of high-quality dry chemical agent to suit the specific needs of customers and the size of the engine to be protected. Only 4 kg of agent are required for the protection of up to 4 m3.

Further Applications

The FireDETEC® Dry Chemical System is suitable for many other applications. It can protect trams, airport vehicles, off-road vehicles as well as power generators or storage areas for chemicals, waste storages from class A, B and C fires.

If you are looking for a different fire suppression solution to protect any vehicle type, Rotarex Firetec also offers its 200 bar high pressure watermist COMPACT LINE® system. For all other Rotarex’s top-notch fire suppression systems, visit

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