Can an In-Ground Lift Boost Your Workshop’s Productivity?

If you’re running a workshop that’s looking to upgrade, the choice of different lifts can be overwhelming.

You need to think about the vehicles you’re servicing, the floor space you have, and the amount you’re willing to invest in a long-term piece of kit.

And for some workshop owners, that can make an in-ground lift seem like a big commitment.

In-Ground Lift
The inground lift from Totalkare allows full access to service critical components on vehicles, raising the standards of efficiency in the workshop and the quality of the repair work

But here’s the reality:

For a lot of workshops, an in-ground lift could be the most flexible and efficient option they have – especially when vehicle variety and floor space are a concern.

Here’s how an in-ground lift can make your workshop more efficient.

You’ll Get More Access

When you’re looking at vehicle lifts, it’s easy to focus on the big numbers: the size, the weight, and the lifting capacity.

But when we’re talking about using them in action, there’s a lot more to it than that. Different lifts attach in different ways – and that can have a big impact on the work you need to do.

A four-post lift works by driving onto a platform. That’s great for giving access to the centre of the chassis, but it’s not so great if you need to work on the wheels.

A two-post lift uses lifting arms that extend from the sides towards the centre. That’s great for working on wheels – but depending on the vehicle’s lifting points, you might have multiple vehicle parts that are covered by the arms.

But with an in-ground lift, you’re lifting from a set of columns that run along the centre of the undercarriage.

You’ve got full access to the wheels and axles, full access to the floor frame and doors, and access to the vast majority of the central undercarriage.

So once you’ve got your vehicle up on an in-ground lift?

You’re free to perform almost any level of undercarriage service – without wasting time by repositioning it, changing lifts, or using a creeper trolley.

You Won’t Lose Any Floor Space

With most fixed-installation lifts and pits, you’re committed to the space you set aside for it.

Once you’ve built a four-post lift or a vehicle inspection pit, that’s an area of your workshop that really only has one purpose. And if it’s not currently occupied with a vehicle being serviced, you won’t be able to use that space for anything else.

But with an In-Ground Lift from Totalkare, you can quickly turn your lifting space into an open flat surface, and start using it for other jobs.

By retracting the lifting columns into the ground and closing the roller shutter over the lift, you’ll have a strong and stable surface that’s completely level with the floor of your workshop.

You can roll out some mobile testing equipment, move some workshop furniture around to create a new work station, or even put out some chairs and hold a meeting or a training session – all in the same space you would normally use for lifting.

And the best part?

Our own Totalkare In-Ground Lift comes with a roller cover that can hold up to 7,000kg in weight. So you can even drive a smaller vehicle right on top of your covered lift.

You’ll be able to carry out non-lifting jobs which would otherwise be waiting in the queue – which is a direct boost to the number of vehicles you can process per hour.

You’ll Open New Routes

With a two-post or four-post lift, you’ll always be left with an empty frame – even when the lift isn’t in use.

And depending on the layout and density of your workshop, that can mean you’re limited in how you move vehicles through your workshop.

But with a lift that retracts underground (and especially with a high-capacity roller cover), you’ll be able to plan out new routes to get your vehicles from place to place.

It’s especially helpful if you’re running a smaller workshop that needs its vehicles to enter on one side and leave on another – and especially if you’re stuck with a layout that’s not ideal!

By installing a retractable in-ground lift, you’re adding flexibility to the layout of your workshop – giving your teams a way to remove potential obstructions, and create new routes through your premises that are more efficient.

That means more vehicles moving in and out, and fewer vehicles waiting in place – so you can finish jobs quicker and start earning money on the next job sooner.

You’ll Get More Lifting Out of One Investment

Most lifts that come with a fixed installation work with a single frame. There’s space for one vehicle at a time – and once it’s up there, you can’t lift anything else.

But with a Totalkare In-Ground Lift, you’re not limited to a single vehicle:

Our in-ground lifts are installed with lifting columns that can be operated independently. They can be grouped together to lift one vehicle, while the other columns are grouped to lift another.

And with a maximum configuration of 8 columns per installation, that means you could potentially have up to 4 vehicles being lifted at the same time – with complete and separate control over each individual vehicle.

Better yet, you can divide and group your columns to fit whatever your workshop needs on a particular day.

You might need to lift two full-size lorries (4 columns per vehicle), or 4 smaller vehicles (using 2 columns each). You could even lift 2 medium-sized vehicles and one smaller vehicle – all at the same time, with individual controls for each group of columns.

You’ll have more flexibility in how you schedule your vehicle servicing, with more options to add new vehicles or swap things around as urgent jobs come up.

Or in other words:

You’ll be able to build your workshop schedule to always keep your lifts at full capacity – improving your efficiency and increasing the through-put of your business.

Want to Learn More?

There’s a huge range of options when it comes to vehicle lifts – and it’s not always easy to be sure you’re making the right choice.

But if you’re running a workshop that thrives on flexibility – with a need for under-side access and the space for a fixed installation – an In-Ground Lift could be most versatile investment you make for your business.

Check out our full range of vehicle lifts in our online store – or talk to one of the Totalkare team to get the answers you need.

This article was originally published by Totalkare Ltd.

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