How the Right Workshop Furniture Can Make Your Teams More Productive

When we’re talking workshops, there’s a lot of focus on the vehicles.

It’s all about lifts, pits, tyre changers, and brake testers – the big-ticket equipment that does the heavy-duty work and gets all the attention on the shop floor.

Totalkare Workshop Furniture
Workshop furniture plays an important role in every workshop

But in practice, there’s so much more going on in the workshop. And if the layout of your workspace isn’t efficient – with optimised storage and easy access to tools and PPE – your teams could be wasting time every day.

Here’s why every company needs to choose their workshop furniture carefully.

1.  Convenience Saves Time

If you’ve ever worked in a disorganised workshop, you know exactly how frustrating it is trying to hunt down the right tools.

We’ve seen storage areas at the end of winding corridors, hundreds of feet away from the work station. We’ve seen tools that come in pairs, kept in separate locations on opposite ends of a building. We’ve even seen workshops with no place for anything – and it’s anyone’s guess where they’ll find what they need on any given day.

Without a carefully planned layout – and the right workshop furniture in strategic locations – your staff could be wasting hours every week, trekking around your workshop in search of a simple tool.

(And that’s before we start to bring new hires into the mix. They’ve already got a lot to learn on the job – and they don’t need the extra challenge of a workshop treasure hunt.)

But with a dedicated and optimised storage unit – like our own Totalkare Service Pod – you can put everything your teams need within easy reach, with a single storage hub that’s specialised for each individual work station.

2.  Easy Access Makes Your Workshop Safer

No workshop is ever completely accident-free. And while the risk of injury or harm is a top concern, there’s another consequence to worry about: Even the smallest accidents can slow down your teams.

Every drop of spilled liquid takes time to clean – and if your teams are working without PPE readily available, a single incident could take a staff member out of action for days at a time.

So what’s the solution?

Make working safely as easy as possible – by putting the tools right next to the job.

Our Totalkare Service Pods come with built-in dispensers for towels and gloves – so your workers are always protected and ready to react.

They’re built with integrated facilities for fluid and air hoses – to reduce the risk of accidents during delivery.

And they come with a heavy-duty composite work surface on top. So whether you’re cutting, scraping, or cleaning spare parts – you’ve got a dedicated space that’s tough and reliable.

3.  Better Storage Means Free Space

We’ve been in enough workshops to know that space comes at a premium. With so much heavy equipment around (and so many heavy vehicles), every square inch of your workshop counts.

And if you’re using up floor space with toolboxes and stands and chunky shelving units?

You’ll have less space in the room for doing the work that brings in money.

But with a dedicated modern storage unit like the Service Pod, you’ll have an all-in-one storage space that’s efficient and optimised – with your hose reels, storage drawers, cabinets, and waste bin all in one single, compact space.

With the right storage, you’ll give your teams more space: to do their jobs safely and efficiently, and to be more productive.

(And you might even make space for a whole new workstation – which is a massive extra boost to your workshop’s productivity.)

4.  A Professional Image Leads to Professional Work

There’s a growing popularity of ‘customer viewing windows’ in workshops these days – especially those offering ‘while you wait’ services.

And if you’re running a workshop that lets your customers see behind the scenes, it’s more important than ever to keep things looking smart, tidy, and organised.

That’s just good common sense. But there’s another element at play here – and that’s the effect it can have on your workers.

When teams work in cluttered environments with equipment that’s seen better days, they’re less likely to take pride in what they do. A messy environment leads to messy work, and a sloppy workplace creates sloppy workers.

But when your teams start working in well-kept surroundings, with organised tools kept in workshop furniture that’s smart and new, it can start to rub off on them.

A tidy environment leads to tidy work – and that’s an easy win for any vehicle workshop.

Looking To Get Organised?

There are all sorts of ways to help your teams be more productive.

But the most cost-effective ways are often the most basic – like organising your workspace to put your equipment where your team needs it.

So if you’re looking to cut down on wasted time in your workshop (and avoid potential safety risks), check out our Workshop Furniture in our online store – or chat to one of the Totalkare team to find out more.

This article was originally published by Totalkare Ltd.

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