European Coach Tours Are Back Post-pandemic — Here’s How to Get Your Fleet Ready

With the worst of the pandemic long behind us, it’s safe to say that tourism is back in business.

An image of a silver bus being lifted via a lifting jack

And for fleet operators running tours across Europe, that opens up a huge new opportunity to get back on the road and make the most of their coaches.

So if you’re a tour operator planning trips into Europe, you need to be sure your vehicles are ready.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

Keep an Eye on Your Emissions

The EU has some of the strictest vehicle emission regulations in the world. And if you’re a UK company that charters European coach tours, you need to pay close attention to those regulations — and the emissions of every vehicle in your fleet.

But like most vehicle tests, the costs of constant outsourcing can start to add up. So if you’re running a larger fleet, it’s always worth investing in your own in-house emission testing equipment — like our Totalkare Diesel Smoke Meter and our Petrol & Diesel Emissions Analyser.

They’re both cable-free and designed for use in all weathers. But more important: they’re both MOT-approved and accredited to Euro 6 standards. So if you’re looking for assurance that your fleet’s EU-ready, these are the bits of kit you need.

(And as a welcome bonus, the right emission testing can also help to keep your vehicles efficient with their fuel — which means reduced costs and increased profits on every tour through Europe.)

Stay on Top of Your Brake Testing

There’s never a time when your brakes don’t matter. But when your heavy-duty vehicles are on a continental haul — on high-speed motorways and winding mountain roads — the health of your brakes is more essential than ever.

Just like with emission testing, the costs of third-party tests can rack up a huge bill. So for any fleet that takes its safety seriously (and that’s all of you), investing in an in-house brake tester is one of the wisest long-term decisions you can make.

And the best part? Our range of Brake Testers can fit into just about any workshop setup you have — from In-Ground Brake Testers that can be installed across an inspection pit, to a Mobile Brake Tester that can be used outdoors on uneven gravel, sand, or dirt.

Make Life Easy for Your Drivers

Beyond the mechanical basics of vehicle safety, there’s a human element to long-haul trips and tours — and that’s the risk of fatigue for your drivers out on the road.

When your wheels are out of alignment, your coaches have a tendency to drift — and just a small deviation in the wheels can cause a vehicle to move across an entire lane of a motorway in as little as a mile travelled.

Your drivers need to correct for this. And on a cross-country trip that lasts for dozens of hours, that’s a huge drain on their focus and energy.

So to keep your vehicles on the straight and narrow (and your drivers alert and ready for emergencies), you’ll need regular checkups and adjustments to your coaches.

Our new 3D Wheel Alignment System makes these crucial checks simple and fast — allowing your fleet technicians to measure up to 6 axles in less than 3 minutes.

Keep Your Customers Comfy

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the technical side of vehicle maintenance. But every tour operator knows that the customer experience is paramount — and the comfort of your travellers can make or break your business.

So to ensure a pleasant journey throughout every country and climate you pass through, you’ll need to make sure every one of your vehicles has its air conditioning in top condition — especially given the current heatwave that’s affecting most of Europe.

Our Totalkare Air Conditioning Service Units give you a fully automatic operation that’s designed for high accuracy and efficiency, with a range of different models and refrigerant types — and can even be used with extra-long hoses to allow you to carry out your A/C service while your vehicles are raised on a lift.

Looking to Get More Out of Your Fleet?

Whether you’re a smaller UK fleet or an international tour operator, we’ve got the goods that can keep your fleet safe, your costs down, and your vehicles in top condition through the longest of journeys.

Check out our full range of heavy-duty workshop equipment in our online store, or start a chat with one of our experts to see exactly how we can help your fleet.

This article was originally published by Totalkare.


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