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Connectivity Solutions for Buses and Coaches

We connect over 5,000 trains and 26,000 buses and coaches worldwide, making us the global leader in mobile Internet connectivity for public transport.

We have the reach to operate locally in territories around the globe, working ever closer to our clients as a trusted extension of their organisation.

Offering truly end-to-end solutions “as a service”, we build a team around your team, taking care of everything from planning and design to installation, and continuous support.

Mobile Internet Connectivity and Applications Hosting

Icomera’s award-winning ITxPT-recognised multi-modal technology is seamlessly deployable across trains, trams, coaches, buses, and ferries.

Capable of fully integrating multiple services into one easy-to-manage system, our connectivity platform supports the widest variety of value-adding applications; from industry-leading Passenger Wi-Fi and Onboard Entertainment to Remote Vehicle Monitoring and Digital Video Surveillance.

5G-Ready Mobile Network Aggregation

The Icomera platform delivers a fast, reliable and secure data connection to and from a moving vehicle, maximising the stability, uptime and data throughput of a connection by intelligently utilising all available communications networks; 3G, LTE, LTE-A, 5G, trackside and even satellite networks can all be utilised as part of a single solution, enabling us to deliver an unrivalled connectivity capacity for passengers and onboard systems.

TraXside™ Technology for Improved Connectivity

Within the rail industry, Icomera TraXside™ is a key component in delivering the next generation of mobile Internet connectivity, helping erase any “not spots” in connectivity by providing continuous, high-capacity bandwidth to a train along the entirety of its route. Using the aggregated capacity of two simultaneous 3×3 MIMO radios, TraXside™ delivers a median real TCP/IP throughput of around 1 Gbit/s during train travel – unrivalled bandwidth for rail passengers and onboard systems.

Powerful Applications Hosting

Capable of fully integrating multiple services into one easy-to-manage system and supporting the widest variety of existing and future value-adding applications, our solutions provide you with the framework required for developing a truly interconnected eco-system of onboard services, all running as virtual applications on the Icomera router. This reduces the need for additional hardware to be installed on board the vehicle and makes it easier to deploy new functionality as and when required

Increase Passenger Satisfaction

For many, a significant proportion of each day is spent travelling, and Internet connectivity on the move is no longer seen as a luxury.

Providing services such as Passenger Wi-Fi, Onboard Entertainment, and Real-Time Information can improve the experience of those travelling, increasing satisfaction levels and encouraging passengers to use public transport more often.

Passenger Wi-Fi

Fast, reliable and secure, Icomera’s passenger Wi-Fi service has been installed on tens of thousands of vehicles across the globe, serving millions of passengers every week. The opportunity to stay connected and increase productivity while travelling is helping make public transport usage more attractive. Passengers can communicate with friends and family via social media, shop online, catch up with the latest news, or even learn a new language. Many travellers are also using their commute to work outside the confines of their office by sending emails or conducting research, or completing digital chores such as paying bills, renewing insurance policies, and searching for new properties or jobs.

Onboard Entertainment

Icomera is leading the way in delivering successful onboard passenger services for operators, giving travellers access to movies, TV shows, audiobooks, and games. The media is stored locally on board the vehicle, helping improve the speed of access, while also easing the load on the available bandwidth, and reducing mobile data usage costs. Content is managed via cloud-based tools, allowing it to be easily updated across vehicles in a fleet, with a single click.

Real-Time Information

Icomera’s real-time information (RTI) applications can connect passengers to useful travel information, either via in-vehicle displays or through mobile web portals. Our RTI solutions can utilise live data feeds to update passengers on their expected arrival time. Those planning to join the service at the next stop can track the progress of the vehicle via their smart device and make an informed decision about when they should leave their home or office.

Enhance Operational Efficiency with Internet Connection

Applications can be deployed which maintain or improve schedule adherence, while reducing operational costs.

Providing a mobile Internet connection allows operators to remotely monitor and, when necessary, resolve issues fleet-wide; systems can be rebooted over-the-air, without the need for vehicles to return to the depot.

Fleet Management and Connectivity

Our in-vehicle routers have built-in GPS, allowing transport operators to keep track of vehicles to maintain and improve scheduled adherence. Passenger counting applications can utilise onboard streaming video surveillance systems and sensors, helping you to optimise vehicle availability and plan new timetables and routes. Operational costs associated with allocating and training staff to perform these tasks manually are reduced, while accuracy is increased.


We enable transport operators to remotely monitor and maintain components and devices connected to the onboard network via real-time data feeds. Faulty components can be identified while the vehicle is still out in service. Replacement parts can be ordered before the vehicle comes in for maintenance, ultimately reducing the time that the vehicle is out of action.


Eco-driving applications support environmentally-friendly transport habits, reducing the size of the carbon footprint created by operating and maintaining public transport vehicles. We work with leading eco-driving specialists to provide tangible performance gains. Fuel overconsumption can be measured through speed, brake, and idle information while factoring in variables such as vehicle type, surface, and weather. Data can be fed back to drivers in real-time, promoting efficient behaviour and reducing fuel and maintenance costs.


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Icomera Completes Next-Generation Upgrade for Greyhound

Icomera has upgraded Greyhound's program, replacing its legacy M-Series hardware with its next-generation X-Series connectivity platform.

Icomera Expands its R&D Centres in San Luis Obispo and Dublin

Icomera Expands its R&D Centres in San Luis Obispo and Dublin

Icomera has further strengthened its technological capabilities with the creation of new development teams in San Luis Obispo and Dublin.

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