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Safety Solutions

In more than eleven industries, our customers profit from our core competencies in the fields of foam technology & moulded parts as well as safety technology. Together we develop innovative products for new application fields.

Public Transport

The entry and exit area of buses and trains is the major hazard zone in public transport. Our door safety systems react to even very small objects which block (or could block) the closing movement of the doors. They stop the dangerous movement and then release the door before damage occurs.

Apart from developing obstacle detection systems for new vehicles, Mayser has also successfully retrofitted a large number of older vehicles.

  • Obstacle detection
  • Collision protection
  • Drag detection
  • Safety steps
  • Lower arm detection
  • Fire protection​

Safety Technology

Mayser Safety Technology is the technological world leader in tactile sensors for automotive anti-pinch protection. Today, our sensors ensure safety wherever moving parts (on machines, vehicles, trains, robots) need to be slowed, stopped or controlled to protect people.

A whole range of industries benefit from our experience, especially where the need for tailor-made concepts has increased with growing automation in many areas of life and work. These include medical technology, mechanical engineering, driverless transport systems or vehicles and theatre construction.

Safety Edges

Safety edges are sensors that protect operators from coming between shearing and pinching edges. If the safety edge encounters an obstruction, e.g. if a hand gets in the way of a closing door, it stops the automatic movement.

Depending on the control principle, we supply safety edges as normally open or normally closed chains.

Miniature Safety Edge Anti-Pinch Sensors

We specially developed our miniature safety edges (EKS) for applications where short response times are required and only low installation heights are possible.

A classic example is their use as anti-pinch sensors on shearing and pinching edges of automatic vehicle doors and windows. However, our miniature safety edges are also ideal as anti-pinch sensors in machine construction, on electrically adjustable furniture, and on modern medical devices.

The miniature safety edges easily fit to various bending radii and angles. You can cut your anti-pinch sensor to size yourself for use in interiors.

Safety Mats and Safety Steps

Tactile surface sensors provide optimal area protection.

The purpose of surface sensors is to protect people from dangerously moving units in automatic manufacturing processes. They detect people and objects in the corresponding areas of movement. When somebody steps onto a pressure-sensitive mat, the machine or plant slows down or switches off into a safe state.

Our surface sensors are available in various heights and with different material properties such as non-slip quality or resistance to various chemicals. In our “SM” customised programme, we offer you safety mats in any surface shape to match your requirements.

Safety Bumpers

Safety bumpers are active collision cushions made of soft polyurethane foam with a special skin and integrated safety switch-off function. They work according to the normally closed and normally open principle.

The soft foam body protects people from injury and prevents damage to objects for short and long stopping distances. That makes our safety bumpers an ideal addition to our range of collision protection systems.

Typical applications are ensuring the safety of pinching and shearing edges in mechanical engineering, stage technology, medical technology and on large, heavy gates. Safety bumpers also provide collision protection for driverless transport systems (DTS).

Safety bumpers are available in lengths of up to 4 m and in standard or custom versions.

Collision Protection

Collision protection is available in almost any shape. We can match your system to the surface condition and colour of the object you want to secure.

Depending on the shape or application, we supply collision protection systems with normally closed or normally open electrical contacts. Also available are different degrees of robustness and chemical-resistant surfaces which make them especially resistant to external influences.

Above all in the medical technology industry, our collision protection systems are used in many successful applications. Thanks to custom design and high-quality surfaces, the sensors blend almost invisibly into the overall look of medical devices. The extremely fast reaction of the collision protection after it has been triggered protects both medical staff and patients from pinching.

Capacitive Sensors

The capacitive system, also called non-touch detection system, acts as a predictive impact protection in public transport. It is a convenience function integrated directly on the main closing edge of Mayser finger protection profiles.

The non-touch detection system only reacts to movements in the immediate critical area of the sensor, along the main closing edge. This distinguishes it from light curtains or scanners whose detection fields cover complete entrance areas. Another advantage is that the system is not susceptible to water. Unwanted detection is therefore not caused by rain or snowfall, nor by extraneous light or dust.

Control Units

Our control units evaluate the output signals of our safety mats, safety edges and safety bumpers, then they immediately trigger the necessary protective measure.

Functional monitoring by our control units applies various principles.

A monitoring resistor integrated in the sensor measures a constant closed-circuit current in safe condition. When the sensor is actuated, the voltage drops. The control unit’s safety contacts open and ensure the drive is safely switched off for 1k2, 8k2 or 22k1 final resistances. In the case of the four-wire solution, functional monitoring takes place by feeding the signals back to the control unit.

Whichever principle is applied, the control unit stops the drive on actuation or cable interruption.

Safety Shoes

The safety shoe is a mobile sensor unit for levelling out height differences. It maintains the clearance of moving objects when the height changes. It stands out for its ruggedness and excellent water resistance. The safety shoe is often used to safeguard aircraft gangways against the aircraft.

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