The Best Equipment for Mixed Fleets

Servicing Heavy and Light Vehicles? The Best Equipment for Mixed Fleets

There’s a big misconception when it comes to mixed fleets:

With two types of vehicles coming into your workshop (both heavy and light commercial vehicles), it’s easy to assume you need two separate sets of workshop equipment. And that could mean a hefty double price-tag to cover every eventuality.

Workshop Equipment

But here’s the truth:

There’s plenty of workshop equipment that works perfectly for every fleet — whether it’s all heavy, all light, or a mixed fleet with both types of vehicles.

(And if you’re smart about what you buy, you can even get away with a single vehicle lift.)

Here’s the workshop gear that you won’t have to buy twice:

Headlamp Testers

Each of our Totalkare Headlamp Testers comes mounted on an adjustable column with a maximum height of 1.8m — which means they’re the perfect height for commercial vehicles of almost every shape and size.

They’re all DVSA-approved, with laser alignment that’s suitable for both main beams and fog lights — and our electronic models also come connected equipment-ready.

Wheel Alignment

In a mixed fleet of heavy and light commercial vehicles, you could be looking at a huge range of wheel sizes on a daily basis — from the smallest LCVs up to the heaviest lorries and trucks.

But when you’re carrying out a wheel alignment, you only need one piece of kit to cover every type of vehicle: the Totalkare Electronic Wheel Alignment System.

With an easy-to-use interface that includes a vehicle selector — and the ability to use the system in a pit, lift, or the workshop floor — it’s a versatile single system that can completely replace the need for outsourcing.

Smoke Meters

No matter what size your vehicles are, they all produce the same stuff. And that means a Diesel Smoke Meter can work with any level of servicing within a mixed fleet — from the heaviest to the lightest of vehicles.

Our own Totalkare Diesel Smoke Meter comes MOT-approved and accredited to the latest Euro 6 standards. And with its handheld analyser and cable-free system, it’s perfect for the demanding rigors of any busy MOT bay.

Play Detectors

Play detectors are installed onto the side of a pit or a lift, with a flat plate under the wheel that moves and rotates to test the wheels and steering systems of your vehicles.

And because it’s a flat plate that sits under the wheel, it can fit almost any size of wheel, and any size of vehicle — which means it’s the only bit of play-detection kit your mixed fleet needs.

Mobile Column Lifts

For most workshops, a vehicle lift can be one of the biggest single investments you’ll make. And for a mixed fleet, it’s where you’ll usually find the biggest distinction between your vehicles — with separate categories of lifts for heavy-duty and light commercial vehicles.

But there’s a special category of lift that breaks that distinction: and that’s the Totalkare Mobile Column Lift.

With a lifting system of up to 8 columns, and the option to split those columns into smaller sets, you’re getting an extra level of flexibility that’s perfect for the needs of a mixed fleet.

You can use all 8 columns to lift your largest lorries — and then rearrange your mobile column lift into a set of 4 to lift your smaller LCVs in the same space.

You can even divide your 8 columns into 2 completely independent sets of 4. That means you can effectively turn a single lift into two, and switch from lifting a single lorry to lifting 2 smaller vehicles at the same time.

So what does that mean for the needs of your mixed fleet?

If you’ve only got the budget to buy a single lift — and you want the highest flexibility for your fleet of mixed vehicles — a Totalkare Mobile Column Lift is easily the best choice for your workshop.

Looking for More Mixed-Fleet Equipment?

No matter what kind of fleet you’re running, you need the right workshop equipment — to get the most out of every purchase, and see the biggest return on your investment.

So if you’re running a mixed fleet and you’re looking for versatile bits of kit, take a look at our full range of equipment in our online shop — or talk to one of our workshop experts to find out what’s right for you.

This article was originally published by Totalkare Ltd.

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