The Workshop Equipment You Might Have Missed

If you’re setting up a new workshop or looking for upgrades, it’s easy enough to remember the big-ticket items — the vehicle lifts and testing equipment that go with your bread-and-butter jobs.

But there’s a huge range of lesser-known items that are essential for any workshop that takes itself seriously. And they can have a bigger impact on your productivity than you think.

Here’s some of the kit that’s easy to overlook:

Hydraulic Presses

Some jobs in a vehicle workshop need a serious amount of force. Think about straightening frames or pressing bearings — or even something as simple as cutting and punching into metal materials.

These might not be everyday jobs. But when they do pop up in your vehicle servicing, you won’t have many options outside of a hydraulic press.

Our Totalkare Hydraulic Presses are built for exactly these jobs and these extreme levels of force, with capacities ranging from 16 tonnes up to a massive 100 tonnes of applied weight.

But most important of all, they’re built with the same high level of advanced safety features that you see in our vehicle lifts and testing equipment — from pressure gauges and overload valves to precise pneumatic rams and high-strength welded frames.

So while a hydraulic press might not be the first thing on your list for a new workshop, it’s an essential bit of kit for lots of heavy-duty jobs. And when you’re dealing with the extreme kinds of forces involved, there’s no safer substitute than a dedicated tool that’s designed for a specific job.

Oil Management

Running a tight ship is about more than just costs. It’s about keeping your workshop safe, clean, and organised — with the storage and easy access that makes every job efficient and hassle-free.

And that’s just as true for the small things as it is for the big ones.

Our purpose-built Oil Management Tools help to keep dangerous chemicals safely out of the way — so they can be delivered exactly where and when they’re needed, without the risk of causing hazards or spills.

That could mean investing in things like:

Hose Reels for Oil, or for Air, Water, and Anti-Freeze — to keep things organised and tidy, and make choosing the right fluid simple

Waste Oil and Fluid Drainers — to prevent dangerous spills that cause slips and falls

And Mobile Oil Dispensers — to create flexibility in your workshop layout

With an organised and methodical approach to controlling the substances you use in your workshop, you can help to keep your premises safe, efficient, and productive — reducing the risk of human error and the chance of dangerous spills.

Manual Handling Tools

No matter what kind of vehicles you’re servicing, your teams will be dealing with heavy components. And without the right tools to help them safely move and disassemble those components, they could be putting themselves at risk.

With the dedicated designs of our Manual Handling Tools, your technicians will be able to:

Need a Workshop That’s Ready for Anything?

There’s a huge range of jobs in any vehicle workshop — some common and obvious, and some that are easy to overlook.

So if you’re looking to equip your workshop with the full suite of tools for every eventuality, take a look at our comprehensive range of workshop equipment — or talk to a workshop expert to see exactly what you might have missed.

This article was originally published by Totalkare Ltd.

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