Fire Suppression


It is mandatory for buses and coaches to be fitted with fire suppression systems. Products here include fire extinguishers and linear heat detection cable, smoke and fire detectors and fire alarms. This section also covers fire suppression testing, making sure that the systems and individual devices work correctly. 

The companies listed here supply fire suppression products and services. This page will also give you updates about industry and regulatory news and product information.



Dafo Vehicle Introducing Li-Ionfire™

Dafo Vehicle Introducing Li-Ionfire™

Increasing the Safety of Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicle Operations with the new Li-IonFire™ Fire Suppression System.

Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection – Winner at Busworld Europe 2019

Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection – Winner at Busworld Europe 20...

Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection has been chosen as an Innovation Label Winner at Busworld Europe 2019 for their Li-IonFire research.



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