The First Batch of Chinese Pure Electric Buses Is Here: Yutong E10 Helps Poland with Low-Carbon Travel

Yutong has reached another city in the overseas market: Nine Yutong E10 pure electric buses have been put into service in Poland, becoming the first batch of Chinese pure electric buses to be introduced into this country. This is another important achievement made by Yutong in the European market after landing the UK, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Yutong is constantly expanding its territory in the European market and continues to demonstrate the charm of Chinese manufacturing with its strength.

It is reported that this batch of orders received strong support from the European Union, the vehicle was officially delivered to Polkowice on May 13. This is the first batch operation of pure electric buses in Poland, and has a positive significance for the improvement of local environment and air quality.

Yutong e10 Poland
The order marks the first batch of Chinese pure electric buses to enter Poland.

For the First Time! Leading Low-carbon Travel in Poland with Zero Emissions

To further improve air quality, in recent years, Europe has continued to promote carbon emission control plans and increased efforts to encourage green travel. Poland, one of the fastest growing countries in Central and Eastern Europe in recent years, has also taken an active part in the initiative to promote green travel.

Mayor of Polkovice, Łukasz Puźniecki, said:

Electric transportation will be one of our core measures. Electric travel will not only provide higher comfort for passengers, but also reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality and the health of residents.

As the first city to adopt pure electric buses, Polkovice has been at the forefront of the promotion of electric buses in Poland. Due to concerns about the local environment and the health of residents, Polkovice plans to implement a low-emission or zero-emission upgrade program for half of the city’s buses, according to the Governor Cezary Przy. The introduction of nine Yutong E10 pure electric buses is an important manifestation of the city’s zero-emission plan.

Provincial Councillor, Tymoteusz Myrda, said:

The introduction of new electric buses is a great event for Polkovice and its residents. I hope to further promote the electrification of buses, increase investment and purchase more electric buses to improve air quality, passenger comfort and travel safety.

Advance Bravely and Build Chinese Brand Influence with Scientific & Technological Strength

As the first batch of Chinese pure electric buses to enter Poland, the Yutong E10 is 10.9 meters long and has a maximum capacity of 81 passengers, which is extremely suitable for the operation needs of the city of Polkovice. In terms of detail design, the E10 is equipped with handicap-friendly facilities. The interior space, seats and color matching of the vehicle are designed in accordance with European standards and styles. Among them, through the optimization of material selection and customized design, the seats can fully meet the stringent requirements of “comfortable, wear-resistant, anti-cutting, and easy to clean” put forward by the client. Moreover, the vehicle tags, procedures and so on are all in Polish, greatly improving the convenience of local use of the vehicle.

Secondly, to fully meet the demand of local actual use, Yutong also carefully considered the specific operating routes and customer requirements, and made a variety of customization to the E10. The vehicle is equipped with a 350kWh large-capacity battery with a maximum driving range of 400km. The energy consumption of the vehicle is 75 kWh / 100km. Its energy consumption level is the best of all the models in competition at the time. The application of continuously variable speed drive system, electric power steering system and the most advanced noise reduction technology will also bring more comfortable and greener travel experience to local residents.

It is reported that Bolkovic planned to start the bidding procurement plan of 9 pure electric buses in 2020. Although the quantity is small, it is the first batch order of pure electric bus in Poland. As a European country, Polish bus operators have a lot to choose from: MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and Scania — multinational brands with the label of high-end product; Meanwhile, the European market is also the most intense battlefield for high-end bus brands such as MAN, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo. Then why is the first batch of pure electric buses purchased by Poland from China’s Yutong?

Deputy mayor of Polkovice, Jan Wojtowicz, said:

We chose Yutong mainly because of the excellent range of the vehicle, which is very important. We hope that the Yutong electric bus will bring us tangible benefits.

As the world’s largest bus manufacturer, Yutong has many leading technologies, and its new energy bus technology has reached the world’s leading level.

CEO of BUSNEX, Yutong’s Polish dealership, Marcin Kucharski, said:

The Yutong bus has the highest range of any vehicle in its class, with a range of 400 km on a single charge. Meanwhile, Yutong electric bus has the characteristics of high comfort, low noise and perfect suspension. In terms of cost, the service cost of Yutong is also 50 percent lower than that of traditional engines.

The leading technical strength of Yutong Bus has won high recognition from Poland and proved that the Chinese manufacturing has reached the advanced level in the world. By the end of 2020, the sales volume of Yutong in Europe has exceeded 9,000, and the products have been sold in France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Norway, Bulgaria, Russia and many other countries and regions.

In the future, with the continuous expansion in Europe and even the global market, Yutong will continue to ensure the world’s green travel with its leading technology and high-quality products, contribute to the global control of carbon emissions, and make Chinese brands world-renowned with its excellent technical strength, making Chinese manufacturing bloom in infinite splendour.

This article was originally published by YUTONG.


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