The Confederation of Passenger Transport UK (CPT) is recognised by Government as the voice of the bus and coach industry, and the focus for consultation on national and international legislation, local regulations, operational practices and engineering standards.

Our members range from the largest multi-national transport operators to the smallest family businesses – but they each recognise the importance of acting together for the benefit of all. Whether it’s getting your voice heard by policy makers, gaining access to the latest industry resources or having someone defend you when you’re under fire, we’re there to support our members.

Our direct access to politicians and policy advisors at all levels ensures that members’ voices are heard and their interests safeguarded right at the heart of Government. CPT protects the interests of its members by working to influence, inform and enhance the bus and coach industries.

CPT works to enhance the reputation of the UK’s bus and coach industries and its membership at all times. We regularly appear in the local and national media to ensure that our membership’s views are heard, successes are publicised and our industries receive positive coverage. In case of a crisis, we will work with the media to protect our members’ reputations and free them to focus on resolving the issue.

Membership of CPT is a business decision which delivers short, medium and long-term benefits to bus and coach operators. The continued success of CPT is dependent upon you – our members. Your support is invaluable to us.

CPT Services

The benefits of CPT membership are not solely political, they include a broad range of operational, technical, business and media services delivered by our dedicated professional team.

We have also developed, with a number of strategic industry partners, a range of commercial services for the exclusive benefit of members.

We provide an invaluable central resource for technical, operational and regulatory matters available through our website, publications, helplines and regional and national seminars.
CPT ensures members receive up-to-date information and are offered the most competitive commercial services so they’re fully equipped to meet the latest regulations and benefit from the newest innovations.


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