The New Mexico Passenger Transportation Association was established as a nonprofit corporation in 1987. Since its inception, NMPTA has been the collective voice for both public and private transportation providers in both rural and urban areas across New Mexico. In 2014, NMPTA changed its name to New Mexico Transit Association.

Under a professional services agreement with the New Mexico Department of Transportation’s Public Transportation Programs Bureau, the NMTA coordinates training and provides technical support for New Mexico’s rural transit providers and sub-grantees. Training and support are directed primarily to transit programs funded through the Federal Transit Administration’s 5310 program, which serves senior and disabled populations, and 5311 program, which provides transit for any rural area or small town. In addition, NMTA publishes quarterly newsletters, coordinates board development and meetings, arranges training for members and non-members, and organizes the annual NMTA Conference and Van/Bus Roadeo.

The mission of NMTA is as follows:

  • To promote, support, and develop quality passenger transportation services in New Mexico.
  • The Association’s mission is accomplished through the participation, enthusiasm, and energy of those that support public transportation in New Mexico.
  • Direction is provided by NMTA goals that reflect constituent ideas to further public transportation and better serve the citizens of the state.
  • NMTA works diligently to meet its mission and prepare for the future.

NMTA Goals

  • Create an active and vital state transportation association in New Mexico – Participation by a broad cross section of public transportation providers is essential for the success of NMTA. The Board of Directors ensures representation that adequately reflects the needs of the membership. By addressing public transportation issues in the rural, urban, and suburban regions of New Mexico, the NMTA is meeting the challenges of its primary goal.
  • Provide Effective Training for Our Members – We recognize the value of providing training for Association members. To attain this goal, NMTA, through its partnership with Passenger Transportation Programs Bureau, funds quarterly training for drivers and management. NMTA’s connects communities throughout the state by sponsoring its annual conference, providing the most current safety updates, and hosting the annual bus and van Roadeo.
  • Provide an Effective Education Program for Internal and External Uses – Education of industry members and affected stakeholders is key in developing and maintaining a strong public transportation system. NMTA develops informational literature and strong public education tools to keep our members up to date on issues affecting the industry. NMTA analyzes the impacts of national and statewide agency and legislative actions and publishes a quarterly newsletter.
  • Advocate for Statewide Support and Development of Public Transportation in New Mexico – NMTA identifies and disseminates information to our members that may be used for promoting additional funding at the federal, state, and local levels. NMTA provides member training for effective grant writing and monitors and evaluates state legislation affecting our members.


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