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Product and Solution Systems for Buses

The name HÜBNER and the best in bus technology have been inseparable for many decades. From midibuses to urban buses to intercity buses to articulated and bi-articulated buses in low-floor and in high-floor models – you will find HÜBNER products delivering superior performance in all types of buses.

We provide bus manufacturers with the critical “1.6 meters of bus” that includes the articulation system, the folding bellows, the power guidance system and electronic articulation control. And we also produce parts made of polyurethane, rubber or silicone for bus interiors.

Complete Systems for Articulated Buses

Our 1.6 meters of bus is a complete plug-and-play system ready for installation to connect the front and back parts of an articulated bus. It fulfills all the requirements in the high-floor and low-floor segments and is equipped with clear interfaces to the other parts of the bus. The complete system of 1.6 meters of bus is delivered on a transport frame so that it can be mounted into a bus that is under construction in a period of less than a few hours.

Our Complete System for Articulated Buses Contains the Following Items:

  • An articulation system that can be adjusted to any vehicle type
  • An electronic articulation control unit that provides maximum safety
  • A power guidance system that can be safely and flexibly stowed in floor, side and ceiling areas
  • Folding bellows that can be delivered in different colors, forms and designs according to customer wishes
  • Floor and ceiling coverings for more comfort through heating and acoustic insulation

Components for Vehicle Interiors

Soft and hard polyurethane components for all interior requirements in transport vehicles.

We produce an exceedingly wide range of polyurethane (PUR) components for the interior fittings of buses and rail vehicles. One of polyurethane’s key characteristics – in addition to its low weight – is that it can be processed in varying degrees of hardness. This makes it possible to produce soft components such as cushioning, and flexible and harder parts – for example for the lining of interior walls or for luggage racks.

Passenger comfort and convenience are always top priorities for us when we produce PUR components. The ergonomic characteristics of our interior components as well as their design and their look and feel are very important. And customers can make their own choices regarding the design of surfaces. We make it all possible – from leather grain to a high-tech look. In cooperation with our customers, we develop solutions that fit perfectly for every sort of vehicle.

Interior Components including but not limited to:

  • Soft and semi-rigid PUR: Protective cushioning for more safety in public transport – Seat Cushions, Lap Cushions, Chin Pads, Bumpers
  • Impact-resistant PUR: Practical interior elements – Covering Elements, Luggage Racks, Housings, Ceiling Modules
  • Design of driver cockpits – Instrument Panels and Dashboards, Driver Protection for Bus Drivers

Exterior Paneling for Buses

We produce components made of polyurethane (PUR) for the exterior paneling of buses and rail vehicles. Using this material allows us to satisfy many important customer requirements, such as low wall thickness with larger parts, outstanding mechanical sturdiness and high heat resistance.  In addition, it provides excellent thermal and noise insulation.

In accordance with customer wishes and the specified design, we paint the parts at our own paint shop company Top Ten GmbH. The color options are virtually limitless. From structured and silk-matte finishes to high gloss, we can provide any type of finish.

Entrance Systems for Buses

The entry systems for buses and trams from HÜBNER Transportation GmbH provide convenient wheelchair accessibility to all public transport vehicles. The systems are available in a wide range of models and can be customized to fit the color and design of vehicles.

Entrance Systems Include:

  • Fully automatic lifts for high-floor buses
  • Electrical ramps for low-floor buses and trams
  • Manual ramps for low-floor buses and trams

Rubber and Silicone Components for Buses

It all started with rubber for HÜBNER GmbH & Co. KG. Working with a small team in the austere post-war period, Kurt Hübner repaired rubber conveyor belts for nearby coal mines, lime works and cement factories. His small Kassel workshop also took on jobs repairing rubber boots and bicycle tires. Later the portfolio came to include seals and molded parts, and silicone joined rubber in the lineup.

Our current portfolio in the rubber and silicone area extends from molded parts to profiles, from seals to frames, and includes rubber-metal and silicone-metal compounds. These elements are used in the public transport industry and in medical devices. In these different applications, they protect, absorb, seal and insulate – whether as delicate precision components or as gaskets weighing as much as several kilograms.

Plastic Components for Buses

Our injection molded plastic components for buses and rail vehicles are extra durable, light-weight and wear resistant. They are used in power connection systems, as couplers or as duct elements.

Our Plastics Portfolio at a Glance:

  • Multiple shot injection molding (1 – 3 shot)
  • Gas assisted molding
  • Liquid silicone rubber (LSR)
  • Injection-coated metal parts

Engineering Services

In daily use, the connection between the articulation system and the vehicle chassis must withstand punishing forces – uneven streets, braking and centrifugal forces, ascents and descents are just some of the stresses this connection is subjected to.

To ensure that our articulation system connections meet the most demanding conditions, our development process includes comprehensive calculations and strength tests. Together with our customers, we prepare detailed FE models in the IDEAS format. After this, all our prototypes are subjected to force application testing to assess their suitability for real-world everyday use. This is how we detect weak points early in the process and present well-founded suggestions for improvement.

On-Site Service

We always are open to hearing from our customers – also after our products have been delivered. Our service support includes everything that is necessary for the optimal use of our products and solutions – from product training to spare parts to repair services to refurbishment options.

Whatever you may require: Simply get in touch with us – our international Service Team will be delighted to assist you.


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